computers: printing presses the purse: shopping for a printer you soon will be, so william gallagher

computers: printing presses the purse: shopping for a printer? you soon will be, so william gallagher compares the two processes on offer

by:XY Screens     2020-02-20
You will pay the bank manager for those neatly printed letters, and the only question is when.
Whether you are mortgaging the house in advance, buying a laser printer, or paying monthly for the purchase of inkjet cartridges.
However, you have to make a decision because soon after you bought the computer, you either realize that you also need a printer or find a friend you need, they will harass you for advice at the party.
Money is the roughest way to decide the type of printer, but it is also decided on the spot --on -
You get what you give.
Technical differences between laser printers and inkjet printers
Also known as bubble jet
They are real and potentially meaningful, but they come down to cost. A black-and-
White inkjet printer like HP
Packard\'s 520 or Apple\'s Stylewriter II will cost you about £ 200.
The cheapest laser printer for both companies is Hewlett-
Packard\'s Laserjet 4L and Apple\'s individual Laserwriter 300, about £ 500 each.
Your first thought might be that inkjet printing is not as good as laser printer printing, but that\'s not the case.
At this price, the laser printer prints the image of the page you are printing at 300 dots per inch, printing ink at 360 dpi.
Also, the ink marks work by spraying ink on the page, they apply a little bit, enough to make the dots collide with each other and create the illusion of higher resolution, because there are fewer jagged edges.
The laser printer charges each piece of paper electrically, and then the laser beam strips certain areas and picks up the pieces where you don\'t want ink.
When the toner is placed on paper, it sticks to the charging area in a smooth operation.
No charge, no ink.
This difference in precision can make the text look better on inkjet, but the graphics look better on the laser printer.
The output depends to a large extent on when you print.
This is not to say that there are some magical moments, but you will notice a decline --
Over time, the print quality of inkjet cartridges has declined.
Inkjet models have problems with large areas of pure black graphics.
When the pages came out, the black area was soaked in ink and looked wet.
It doesn\'t feel wet, but the page is bent and deformed and looks terrible.
The laser printer may not be able to control the intensity of the black in the picture, but you will not encounter this problem.
You can\'t use so much ink.
The cartridges in the inkjet printer are not expensive, about 17 or so, but you will be able to get through soon.
For the amount of usage you will get from the printer and ink supply, there is no clear number, but Hewlett-
Packard expects a typical inkjet printer to use about 1,000 pages per month.
Depending on the type of work you print, you should use at least one cartridge on your budget to do the job.
Similarly, the laser printer does not have the number of pages obtained from the toner cartridges they use, but the rated number of pages for the base model is about 8,000 pages per month.
The toner cartridge is about 80.
Again, depending on the type of page you print, you can use one page per month.
But at this level, especially if you go beyond these usage numbers, the company will repay your doubts if anything happens.
It is quite easy to reach the maximum number of pages of inkjet, but not laser.
As a result, inkjets will cost more per page and it will take longer to print these pages.
Although inkjet printers seem to be the most obvious choice because of their cheap price, in fact, you \'d better choose a laser printer because of the running cost.
But if you find that you print a strange letter every other month, 300 is a big difference.
Don\'t be near the laser printer if you like color printing.
A year ago, you had to buy a color laser printer for 16,000.
Although the image quality has not reached the same level, they have dropped to more than £ 6,000.
Color print photo quality
Out requires a printer based on thermal wax technology, but, despite the presence of such printers, they are far less common than inkjet or monochrome laser printers and tend to be expensive.
If you only need a blue logo or a red and green pie
Chart, the color inkjet printer will do the job well at around £ 270 to £ 300.
You will get the same consideration for the initial cost and subsequent consumable prices, but the gap between the cost of color inkjet and laser printers means there is no comparison.
There is an additional problem, specific to the color ink, which is related to blackand-white printing.
No matter what your purpose of buying a printer is, you will end up with black and white printing as the main thing: normal communication, invoices, etc.
Many colored inks produce black by mixing other colors and spewing batches at the same time.
This is more suitable for Brown than black, so the better system is that you have three color cartridges and a separate pure black cartridge.
There is also an argument for the printer you purchased to specialize in the production of paper.
All printers will print out on anything, but certain types of paper will look better and certain overhead projectors acetate paper will turn into molten plastic.
Ask the manufacturer what you are advised to use.
This can be more expensive: for example, 200 sheets of A4 paper for the color HP jet 500C will cost you about £ 18.
With only 50 sheets of smooth paper, you can reach 35 to 40 lbs.
No matter what you do, it seems that they will eventually get your money.
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