Comview projection technology makes large screens no longer have seams Projection screen technology

[Comview projection technology makes large screens no longer have seams] Projection screen technology introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-11-10
Facing the huge challenges posed by the rapidly expanding market demand and the rapidly growing market scale to the projector market, the Projection System Division of Daheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. faces domestic users and rapidly develops with first-class technology, first-class service and unique products. In the projector market, a relatively complete system engineering solution has been developed for different users.
  Comview projection system is developed by Daheng to solve the problem of imperfect wall and information display effect. Comview projection system perfectly solves the defects of most projectors and ensures the uniformity of color and brightness to 90 % Above, and can be compatible with different systems for remote information transmission.
   First of all, Comview effectively solves the seam problem of large screens, using the most advanced built-in feedback technology and pixel-by-pixel matching technology in the world. Among them, the built-in feedback technology continuously feeds back the color and brightness displayed on the screen, and the main controller performs difference repair and correction to obtain a perfect display effect, and truly achieve a seamless front projection effect, that is, between the screen and the screen. The display of the gap is too small for the human eye to distinguish, and the rear projection gap is also controlled below 0.2mm. The pixel-by-point matching technology numbers the picture pixels and makes point correspondences, thereby achieving pixel-to-pixel matching without loss of pixel information. This is especially important for the deployment and supervision of military exercises.
   At the same time, the Comview projection system joins the ACT correction system for automatic error correction, without the need for digital and analog signal conversion, and can achieve 360-degree cylindrical display.
  The most important thing is that the software system of Comview - Widesight, ensures that the equipment is almost free from system restrictions, has strong compatibility, and does not require transition software.
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