Confirmation of Installation of Baoshi Metal Projection Screen Engineering Projection Screen Applica

[Confirmation of Installation of Baoshi Metal Projection Screen] Engineering Projection Screen Application Skills

by:XY Screens     2021-11-08
The projection system adopts the Baoshi projection screen. The following items should be confirmed before and during installation to ensure that the installation is correct and obtain the best projection effect. In order to make the correct system plan decision, the information that needs to be mastered before installation .
   Screen type:
According to the use environment and requirements, confirm and choose the specific type of Baoshi projection screen: (a) The L series has a brightness gain of 2 to 2.5, and has a wide range of applications. It is especially suitable for installation in an open and spacious environment with complex and strong ambient light. (b) The L flat screen has a brightness gain of 2~2.5, which is suitable for bright indoors, such as business venues, entertainment venues, and home theater systems. (c) Baoshi also has more professional-grade projection screen products to meet more differences Application requirements.
  Projector: (a) Whether the brightness is appropriate, it must be considered in accordance with the ambient light, projection distance, and screen size in the application. (b) Which type of projector to choose: DLP or LCD, professional model, commercial model, household The model will have an impact on the display effect and system cost (c) Lens type: The choice of short-neck or standard lens mainly depends on the distance between the projector and the screen.
   Installation environment (a) If you need to hoist the projection screen on the roof or hang it on the wall, you need to confirm in advance the construction material of the ceiling or wall, and the weight of the Baoshi projection screen to be hung (b) The Baoshi projection screen has Extremely high resistance to ambient light interference, able to display surprising image effects under strong light, but still should avoid excessive interference light directly projected on the screen, such as sunlight.
  The items to be noted during installation are as follows: The distance between the projector and the screen, which depends on whether the projector installation position is restricted (sometimes limited by site conditions), and the size of the projection screen (the larger the screen, the projector and the screen The farther the distance is)
  Projector location: usually use desktop placement, special projection vehicles, ceiling mounting. If the screen is wall-mounted, confirm that there is sufficient clearance between the upper and lower edges of the screen and the wall to ensure that the screen angle can be adjusted accurately to obtain the best projection effect. 
Visual Angle Confirmation: Accurately adjust the relative position and angle of the projector and the screen to obtain a wide viewing angle.
Confirmation of projection focal length: get the clearest image effect.
The correct screen installation, with the geometric adjustment function of the projector, can make the projection picture perfect to fill the entire screen.
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