Congratulations on the victory in the first battle of 2015-XY Screens-img

Congratulations on the victory in the first battle of 2015!

by:XY Screens     2021-08-24
Yesterday, the first exhibition of the silver screen in 2015-Guangzhou (International) Light and Sound Exhibition ended successfully. As the only exhibitor exhibiting a dome theater at the exhibition, it attracted a large number of viewers' attention, and a steady stream of people came to watch and consult, which added a lot of color to the exhibition. The exhibition started on April 5th and ended at noon on the 8th and continued for three and a half days. During this period, a series of product experience areas were prepared for everyone, bringing a different visual experience to the visitors who came to visit. The immersiveness of the dome screen, the super three-dimensional sense of the surrounding screen and the excellent display effect of the anti-light screen amazed the visitors to the exhibition. The current staff is busy and enjoys it. This exhibition fully demonstrated that with technological innovation and mechanism innovation as the driving force, development and promotion as the main theme, striding forward to the goal of an international, high-tech modern enterprise, becoming a leader in the world-class projection industry, and building the world’s largest projection Product manufacturing enterprises have built the brand into the world's number one brand in the projection industry.
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