convert overhead projector to overhead/document camera

by:XY Screens     2019-11-09
Document cameras, or also known as overhead cameras, are a great tool for better displaying some small 3D objects or documents in class.
But unfortunately they are not cheap!
Another option is the old school Opaque projectors, projectors, but they are becoming more and more rare and annoying to save the projection in a digital format (take a photo)
The lights also generate a lot of heat.
The USB camera is quite cheap now (my \"Canyon CNR-
WCAM820HD \"about 30 euros)
So why not build overhead/document cameras directly?
Actually, the Build part is very simple, and if you use the old projector as the base, it makes this camera better or even simpler because you can light up the objects below, and may make some internal structure of the object visible.
The hardest part of this version is the software because I can\'t find a software that meets my expectations :-FREE -NO BANNER -
Compatible with WinXP x32/Win7 x64/Win8-
Digital zoom compatibility
Full screen mode-save picture -portable (no installer)
So I had to write the software myself ,(
Don\'t worry, I will give it to you for free)
Edit 1: The source code of my software can be found on GitHub. Still reading? Great!
Let\'s start building.
Required parts: 1x USB Web-cam (
It has to support DirectShow protocol if you can configure focus manually, which is the best)
1x old projector (
If you don\'t, build the camera base of the old lamp Wood. . . )
2x screws and nutsScrap metall (
In the old computer box. . . )Tools needed:-Drill -Screwdriver -Hacksaw -File 1.
Remove the entire head assembly 2 for easy work.
Twist the mirror 3.
Twist the lens (
It might fall out! )4.
Unscrew \"head\" from \"neck\" 1 \".
Mark and drill holes to Install Camera 2.
Remove the grip of the camera 3 from the scrap metal. Mount the web-
Cam, so that it is perpendicular to the working area of the projector, close to the center of the old lens. 0.
Assemble the head assembly and install it back to the base. 1.
Connect your network
Connect cam to PC, install driver 2 if connected.
Download my little app here. 3. unpack it (
7zip, WinZip, WinRar. . )
/Or use installer version 4.
Run miharix_top_cam. exe 5. Select web-cam 6.
Select Resolution 7.
Press F5 or start button to start web-camera 8.
Hide button if you like. . .
And save your preferred display configuration 9.
Zoom with the mouse scroll button, double click on picture Tip1: use F1 help Tip2: If you want to reset all save settings to default, just delete the file my_settings.
XmlEdit 1: source code can be found on githubdisclaim: I am not responsible for any damage caused by my software to your network-
Cam and/or computer!
Feel free to copy software for colleagues, friends and your school children. . .
But don\'t sell it!
If you use hard to understand and/or software for your own school, please send me some photos of your projector, IT class and which networkYou use cam. Tested Web-cam list: -
Microsoft life cycle VX-5000 [fixed focus]-Working -
Web camera [manual focus](
Tip: It\'s simple to remove the IR filter. )-Working -Canyon CNR-WCAM820HD [manual focus]-
WorkingManny thanks to those who wrote the aforgeframework, it would be much more difficult to write this software without this great library and its great documentation.
Happily build and use your new pin/document camera. ; -)
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