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Create a 360-degree ring screen cinema

by:XY Screens     2021-09-07
We often see circular screens that can achieve a 360-degree ultra-wide viewing angle in movies and science and education films. These applications usually only appear in exhibition halls or science museums and other occasions, and the technical content does not seem to be generally high. But it is so close to our lives, car driving and building advertisements are inseparable from it. So how complicated is this 360-degree circular screen cinema? How is the effect presented? 360-degree ring screen First of all, let's start with the sample. The most common ring screen should appear in industrial design, especially in specific occasions such as automobiles and real estate. The ultra-wide viewing angle can provide the audience with a more comprehensive and intuitive visual effect, bringing an immersive feeling. By simulating the human perspective, the 360-degree ring screen can achieve virtual driving and other effects. In this way, we can take some scenes in life, such as driver training, in this way. Of course, the 360-degree ring screen is also very suitable for civilian-level entertainment. If you have the above circular screen effect, I believe that the current movie theater will really face an existential crisis. Large screen, wide viewing angle, plus surround sound home theater, the effect of this set of equipment is better than that of a movie theater.
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