Creative LED display leads the new trend of commercial display, intelligent and innovative user expe

Creative LED display leads the new trend of commercial display, intelligent and innovative user experience_led floor tile manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-21
LED display screens are igniting a prairie fire and are going deep into various fields of commercial display, covering commercial real estate, fashion, retail, automobiles, transportation, finance, tourism, hotels, sports events, art performances and many other industries. 'In the future commercial display market, conventional display screens will gradually be replaced by creative and personalized LED display application products...' an industry insider who has been in the business for many years once said. From the creative LED big screen to ignite the world-class DJ carnival night, to watching 'Bird's Nest·Attraction' on the LED water screen, in recent years, the quality and quantity of various creative LED display applications in the industry have improved a lot. For example, not long ago, the world’s first LED floor tile screen runway was built in Manila to create an interactive experience of “running yourself against yourself” in the intersection of light and shadow. This creative application has stunning the industry and also allowed more users to see the ground LED display. The huge intelligent display effect of the screen. It is understood that the current LED display is moving towards small pitch, profiled, intelligent development, and continues to meet the different needs of users for colors, pictures, extreme creativity and so on. In addition to distinctive appearance changes, such as spherical screens, curved screens, diamond screens, cylindrical screens and other creative LED special-shaped displays continue to emerge, LED displays are more integrated with virtual reality, augmented reality, multi-screen interaction, facial expression recognition, The use of innovative technologies such as human-screen interaction enables the coordination of hardware, software, and scenes, breaking through traditional and simple display functions, realizing intelligent control, and making LED display applications a major “eye-catching” weapon in the display market . Due to the high technical threshold, it is not easy for companies to get a share in a large market like LED. Some industry analysts say that only those companies with real technical strength and forward-looking vision can continue to expand the market. The intelligent display method of human-computer interaction makes the LED display break the conventional single media application function, narrow the distance between the large LED screen and the audience, realize interactive experience marketing through information release and the Internet, and solve the problem of the Internet + and O2O era. Member marketing issues. The rise of small-pitch LED displays has opened the way for LED displays to the commercial and civilian markets. Compared with traditional LED splicing and DLP splicing, small-pitch LED displays have advantages in splicing, brightness, color saturation, resolution, It has advantages in application flexibility and so on. With the continuous development of technology, P1.3-P1.9 small-pitch LED products have become the mainstream of market applications, and the small-pitch LED display market will become 'smaller' in the future. Some industry analysts believe that the current LED display has become one of the important ways for future cities to show their culture and personality. More and better LED display applications will also appear in places such as environmental art, architectural appearance, and interior decoration in the future. Therefore, companies need to continuously improve their creative LED display technology and take the road of equal emphasis on innovative technology and creative applications. It is necessary to innovate in products and technologies, and to provide intelligent solutions in scene experience, in order to find a new path and truly burst into market vitality.
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