Creative LED special-shaped screen-do you know how to design the spherical screen _Full color LED di

Creative LED special-shaped screen-do you know how to design the spherical screen? _Full color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-21
The led spherical screen is designed with indoor P4 meters diameter 2M high definition, high gray scale and high contrast. This creative LED special-shaped screen-spherical screen is not a static LED spherical display, but cooperated with other mechanical structure equipment companies to create a retractable LED display that diverges along the center point of the sphere. The LED sphere is used inside Independent power transmission mechanical equipment, the entire LED spherical screen is designed and manufactured by multiple individually movable boxes according to the overall spherical structure. Each cabinet is installed on a separate robotic arm, and each cabinet LED display device can independently play a complete video screen, or each cabinet can be combined into a whole sphere to play the same video screen. And it can be stretched, when it stretches out, it shows a blooming style, and when it shrinks, it becomes a sphere. This design is a masterpiece of artistic beauty with a sense of novelty, agility and liveliness, with bright colors, strong contrasts, beautiful images, and an avant-garde attempt to combine real objects and special effects. Bringing extraordinary visual impact, and leaving a deep impression on the audience with a shocking viewing experience. The retractable LED spherical screen is a perfect combination of mechanical principle, transmission principle, control principle, signal transmission system and LED display. The major breakthrough in LED display technology demonstrates the company's technical research and development strength, and vowed to be the leader of creative LED display as the goal. Huaze Optoelectronics, a full-color LED display manufacturer of our company, grandly launched the P5 retractable spherical screen, which firstly attracts the audience's attention in appearance. Give the vision a new impact. The design concept implies environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon earth. It has become a good choice for special-shaped display screens in museums, exhibition halls, science museums, large shopping malls and entertainment venues.
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