Customized production of LED transparent screens, to provide you with more possibilities_LED transpa

Customized production of LED transparent screens, to provide you with more possibilities_LED transparent screen manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-02
After years of development, LED display screens have gradually faded from the traditional display coat, and high-profile products on the market have also become small-pitch LED display screens, LED floor tile screens, LED transparent screens, LED grid screens and LED special-shaped screens. Big ideas display products. We cannot deny that the traditional LED display still occupies a large share in the market, but at the same time, the market for these creative LED displays that are full of advanced display technology and lead the industry trend is also expanding. LED transparent displays are widely favored by the market due to their transparency, thinness, ease of installation, energy saving and environmental protection. They are becoming more and more irreplaceable in the beautification and display of cities in my country. According to the survey agency's forecast, by 2025, the market output value of transparent display is about 87.2 billion U.S. dollars. With the extensive demand of the commercial display market and the continuous development and innovation of LED transparent screens, LED transparent screens are bound to have a lot to do in the future. Compared with the low-cost traditional large-scale LED display production line, private customized products and services have more customization links, with diversified and personalized characteristics, so that customers can customize LED transparent screen products according to their needs. This will not only enable companies to obtain differentiated competitiveness, but also enable companies to maintain relatively high profit margins. With many different market demands, the trend of customized LED display screens is becoming more and more obvious. Customized LED transparent screens require higher technical requirements and more stable products, so that they can be better applied to various projects. Displaying. But at present, there are only a handful of large-scale enterprises in the LED transparent screen market, and there are very few companies that can realize customization. In the face of a large number of product needs in the market, how do LED transparent screen companies develop more stable and stable LED transparent screens? The popularization of technology and mass production make it difficult for products to gradually mature. LED transparent screens, with brand-new application forms, leading development of technology, and customized design concepts that are close to the needs of the public, have made it rise rapidly in a short period of time, and a new blue ocean market has emerged. In recent years, more and more businesses prefer to use LED transparent screens to decorate glass curtain wall buildings, especially in large shopping malls, technological enterprises and other places. In terms of commercial display, fashion brands and high-end products also like to use LED transparent screens to set off the style of brands and products. When broadcasting promotional content, the transparent background can not only increase the sense of science and technology, but also highlight the product itself, making high-end brands such as automobiles, fashion clothing, and jewelry favor transparent screens. The application of LED transparent screen to the glass curtain wall not only has no sense of contradiction, but also because of its fashion, beautiful, modern and technological atmosphere, it adds a special sense of beauty to urban buildings. Therefore, the transparent LED screen has won everyone's unanimous recognition in the market, and has received widespread attention and enthusiasm.
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