DA-Lite Projection Screen and Auxiliary Features Product Introduction 1 Projection Screen Applicatio

[DA-Lite Projection Screen and Auxiliary Features Product Introduction (1)] Projection Screen Application Skills

by:XY Screens     2021-11-10
* Standard pull screen: ideal projection screen for classrooms and meeting rooms. It is easy to install and unload, and the screen pull-out area can be determined arbitrarily, which is suitable for various projection formats. Using nylon reel, smooth and quiet operation, long service life. The shape design is suitable for the flat suspension of the ceiling and wall. The curtain can choose materials such as coarse white grain, glass beads and video spectrum 1.5. The screen area is available from 40'×40' to 96'×96'. * Progressive rewinding hand curtain: Built-in CSR progressive rewinding structure, the curtain can be automatically and quietly rolled back to the screen box. While the nylon bearing operates smoothly, it can prevent the curtain from being exposed to the screen box when not in use, causing unnecessary wear and tear. It is another special choice for classrooms and meeting rooms. * Floor-standing large-scale hand-drawn screen: It is composed of a screen box and a floor support frame. The screen is pulled out from the screen box and then fixed on a solid support frame. It is suitable for stage, hospital and home theater use, and is also used by many rental companies. Projection size is available from 6'×8' (183cm×244cm) to 12'×12' (366cm×366cm). * Standard fast folding screen: lightweight and foldable aluminum frame and bracket, easy to carry and store. It is composed of a frame and a bracket, which can be quickly installed and disassembled through a crank. It can be equipped with a variety of screen materials such as front projection, rear projection, front and rear projection, pearl curtain, theater-level curtain, etc.; the curtains are all fixed by buttons, which are stable and convenient. Equipped with polyethylene anti-impact special pulley box. Does not contain decorative cloth. Specifications: The diagonal is from 100' to 200'. * Luxury large fast folding screen: The aluminum frame and bracket are made of 2.5'x1.25' sturdy duralumin, which is more solid and stable. A-T type reinforced support frame can be selected to make the large screen more stable. The maximum size can reach 18'×24', and the diagonal is 360'. * Double-layer projection rack: Maximum load is 45 kg. The upper carrier board can adjust the inclination angle of 3°-18°. * Telescopic bracket projection frame: aluminum alloy structure. The height can be adjusted from 32' to 56' through the telescopic feet. The maximum load is 55 kg.
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