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Daily maintenance and maintenance of the display part of the LED display

by:XY Screens     2021-10-04
Daily maintenance and maintenance of the display part of the LED display 1 Requirements for regular use As an electronic product, the LED display needs to be used regularly. If used for a long time or irregularly, it will inevitably cause damage to the display part of the LED display. The LED full-color display should be used for at least 25-30 hours a month after installation and debugging, and the number of screen points should not be less than 5 times to keep the LED display stable and dry. 2 Fixed display screen: 1). It is recommended to turn on the display screen for at least 1 day per week in dry seasons; 2). It is recommended to turn on the display screen at least once a day within the relative humidity range of 60%~80%RH. Remove the moisture on the display for more than 2 hours at a time, the best time is between 7 am and 10 am or between 6 pm and 10 pm; 3). If the humidity is higher than 80%RH or the weather is regaining humidity, it is recommended every day Play the video above 8H, and close the relevant doors and windows at night to prevent the regain of the night and cause serious defects; especially on the regained days, it is recommended that the video can be turned on for 24 hours if possible; 3 rental screen display: 1). After each use , It needs to be put into the flight box immediately. If there is water on the display, it must be dried before being put in, and the flight box cover should be covered; 2). In each flight box, please put no less than 500g Desiccant or moisture-absorbing bag; 3). In the dry season, at least once every 1 month to play the video screen for more than 2 hours, within the relative humidity range of 60% to 80% RH, take out and play the video for more than 2 hours every half month , More than 80% RH and in wet weather, the video must be taken out and played for more than 2 hours a week. After all the playback is over, it must be put in the air box immediately and sealed for storage (please check the dry desiccant or moisture absorption bag in the air No failure. Adding more desiccant can increase the dryness in the box and increase the time to start the oven. 4). When renting out, do not rain water on the front of the display. If you accidentally get water on it, It should be removed as soon as possible and placed in a ventilated place to air dry. Then light up the display screen and evaporate the water by the heat of the lamp and IC; 4 LED display screen cleaning The LED display screen is an electronic product, which is also used as a display function device, so it needs to do the necessary dust removal and cleaning work; There are two surface cleaning methods for indoor and outdoor LED display. Dust removal and cleaning of indoor display The indoor display has very little dust, and it can be cleaned once within six months. First use a dry brush to brush off the floating dust from the top of the screen, and then use a slightly damp cloth to lightly sassafras. 2). After dust removal and cleaning, you need to touch the screen for more than 4 hours to keep the LED display dry. Dust removal and cleaning of outdoor display screen 1). Power off the display screen. 2). Vaporize from all directions and use glass cleaner to clean the front panel and LEDs. The use of industrial grease is prohibited. Do not use inert, rust-proof, anti-corrosive and unmarked substances or chemicals for cleaning. 3). Use a soft brush to wipe off all the dirt on the LED and mask. Do not use hard hand brushes to prevent damage to the LED lights. 4). Wash off the detergent with clean water. It is forbidden to immerse all or part of individual display units in water or other liquids. 5). Repeat the second step until the display unit is cleaned. 6). Dry the surface with compressed air. 7). Clean the dust-proof net of the cabinet regularly, usually once every three months. Ensure the stability of the ventilation and heat dissipation of the cabinet unit. 8). Be careful not to use a high-pressure water gun to clean the surface of the display.
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