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dell’s latest displays include a curved ultrasharp monitor, 4k laser projector

by:XY Screens     2019-12-15
Every good desktop computer needs an excellent monitor, and the monitor manufacturer has been working hard.
In the past few months, a wave of excellent new displays has emerged, providing the latest technology, including high dynamic range (HDR)
4 k uhd resolution and excellent color support.
Dell has been busy rolling out new monitors for a variety of users and will soon be rolling out several new options.
They are not just typical PC monitors either.
Dell\'s first 4 k laser projector is a brand new curved display launched in the ultra harp series.
Dell advanced projector S2718QL is available for the business market, particularly for educational organizations and businesses.
Dell calls it \"the world\'s first high-brightness, 4 k ultra-high-definition, ultra-short-cast Laser Projector\" and it absolutely meets the requirements in terms of its specifications.
4 k UHD provided by S2718QL (3,840 x 2,160)
Supports the resolution of HDR10 and 5 k brightness, which means it is able to project extremely bright images that fully meet HDR requirements in any environment --
No dark room required.
The color support is also excellent, supporting the sRGB color range of 97% and the REC709 color coverage.
The projector will provide 5 000 ANSI lumens with a typical contrast of 1,300: 1.
The ultra-short throw laser means it can appear on the big screen.
Up to 130-
Inch display from inches-
There is no need for special installation or wiring, and it will not dazzle the audience, nor will it create unnecessary shadows.
In order to make maintenance easier and cost less, the rated time of the light source is 20,000 hours. As a PC-
The S2718QL free projector displays USB or full HD 4 k Media and files (1,920 x 1,080)
Resolve content via Wi-
Fi, wireless network sharing up to four simultaneous predictions.
Bluetooth audio is also supported, such as the AE715 wireless speaker system connected to Dell. HDMI 2. 0 and HDCP 2.
2 inputs are also supported.
Dell has not yet offered official pricing for ultra harp 4 k laser projector S2718QL, but Dell\'s retail partners will offer less than $6,000 from July 2017.
Dell also announced another curved display, a 37 ultra harp U3818DW. 5-
Inch 2300R curved display with wide QHD (3,840 x 1,600)
21: 9 quantitative resolutions, providing 25-
Screen size percentage more than 34-inch monitor.
U3818DW is for business executives and other professionals who need to run multiple applications on one monitor.
U3818DW provides a wide range of edges using Dell\'s unlimited edge borderless display technology-to-
Look at the experience.
The display provides powerful color support through 99-
Coverage of SRGB color gamut and increments-E of 3. 0 or less.
Dell comfort view technology reduces eye fatigue, double 9-
The audio-enabled watt speakers are at hand.
Finally, the display provides free fast 1 ms motion blur reductionSync support.
The connection includes two HDMI connections, one USB Type-
One display port and four USB 3. 0 Type-A ports. The Type-
Port C offers 100-
Watt power delivery and two USB types-
The port can be used to charge the external device.
PiP and PbP support is provided, allowing multiple displays through external sources, and the input manager of Dell\'s Display Manager allows keyboard and video to be shared between the two systems.
The U3818DW will be available on June 2017 at a retail price of $1,499.
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