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Demystifying the price and value of high-end projection screens

by:XY Screens     2021-09-03
In the projection demonstration system, the projection screen is an indispensable accessory equipment. A good screen can improve the clarity and brightness of the projected picture, while also providing a wider viewing angle. At present, there are many brands of projection screens in the market, with prices ranging from several hundred yuan to several hundred thousand yuan. Where is the sky-high price of projection screens? Today we will discuss it together. Demystifying high-end projection screens As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The quality and workmanship of the product directly affect its selling price. Only when the material is excellent can the advantages of the product be reflected, so that users can affirm that it will form a brand effect in the minds of users over time, and so does the projection screen. in this way. Just like the luxury goods in the consumer goods in everyone's life, although the price is high, many people dream of it and hope to have it. The world-renowned projection screen manufacturer, the cheapest 100-inch projection screen under its brand, the media price is more than 30,000 yuan, and the actual effect price is also about 20,000 yuan, which is a hundred times different from the hundreds of yuan screens on the market. However, it has a long-term foothold and influences the projection screen industry, indicating that its brand strength and the excellent quality of its products have attracted many users.   Generally speaking, there are many factors that affect the price of projection screens, but the key lies in the screen material, production process and brand influence. Let's pay attention to it in detail below. Projection screens are generally divided into soft screens and hard screens. The applications of soft screens are relatively wide, ranging from personal home use, entertainment interactive presentations to large-scale exhibitions, and metal screens are mostly used in large-scale exhibitions and theaters.  In terms of materials, ordinary soft screen materials are relatively simple, mostly made of glass beads, white plastic, and metal materials. However, different brands have different quality requirements when applying materials.  The white plastic screen is a diffuse reflection type screen, the image presented is relatively flat and soft, the surface is relatively smooth, and it has a wide viewing angle, but it is easily affected by ambient light. The price of the white plastic screen is relatively low.   The glass bead screen has strong anti-ambient light and diffuse reflection ability, which can bring brighter and colorful pictures under the interference of ambient light.  The metal screen has strong directivity and high reflectivity to light, which can effectively improve the contrast of the projection screen, and also has a wider viewing angle. Of course, the price is relatively high. Ordinary electric projection screen    Ordinary projection screens are limited by cost in terms of material selection. They are generally made of ordinary materials, and coupled with ordinary workmanship, they are easily deformed, and are greatly affected by ambient light, which does not greatly assist the projection effect. However, if the selected materials are strictly checked, coupled with the production technology support, the projection screen can effectively improve the brightness and contrast of the screen. In addition to the screen material, the production process will also directly affect the positioning of the projection screen. It is like the creativity in the hands of a designer. If the creativity is novel, it will win the affirmation and appreciation of users. At present, projection screens have designs such as pull-wire screens, built-in screens, and variable-frame screens.  The projection screens used in mobile presentations generally have bracket screens and floor screens. There is no need to install these two screens, just open the screen and you can use it.   However, when decorating home theaters, or under high-end exhibition venues, the space cannot be installed. At this time, a novel design table screen will bring users a brand-new solution, which can not only achieve excellent projection screen effects, but also beautify the space. The process design of the projection screen brings a brand new experience to users. Variable frame screen    With the changes in the projector market, applications with different needs are gradually emerging. For example, in the theater program, the customer requires that the picture ratio is 16:9 when playing a movie, but if it is a conference presentation, the picture needs to be changed to 4:3. At this time, if you choose a 16:9 screen, when projecting a 4:3 screen, there will be a large white gap on both sides, which will seriously affect the viewing effect.   In this case, choose a variable-width screen, which can be changed according to the user's needs to provide users with the best presentation effect. In addition to product quality and production technology, labor, sales, and brand effects are also the reasons for the high price of high-end projection screens. The survival needs of the factory are supported 1. Labor consumption: high-end projection screens, after strict requirements on the quality and workmanship of the products, there must be time and labor loss. As a manufacturer, all are profitable and will naturally increase the cost of the operation In the product price.  2. Sales: Projection screens are not like daily consumer goods, and their needs are limited. At the same time, the projection screen is used in conjunction with the projector, and the sales of the projector directly affect the sales of the projection screen.   The sales volume of projectors in 2011 is expected to reach 2 million units. From this we can also see the demand for projection screens, while the demand for high-end projection screens accounts for a smaller proportion. For a better survival, manufacturers can only increase product profit margins in order to maintain the continued operation of the brand.  3. Brand effect: A good brand is formed after the recognition of the majority of users with excellent product quality, perfect service, and good product image. Any product has its brand effect, and the same is true for projection screens. [Summary]: High-end projection screens are mostly used in large-scale exhibitions, movie theaters, conference centers and other occasions. They have higher requirements for the picture effect. In addition to the performance requirements of the projector, the projection screen also needs to have excellent quality to ensure the display system normal operation. In addition, the current demand for home projection screens is gradually increasing. Successful people set up a home theater not only for the exclusive use of large-screen movies, but also to demonstrate their personal strength. They do not seek the best but the most expensive.
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