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designing a home theater - choosing an amplifier and a sub-woofer amp

by:XY Screens     2020-02-29
Similar to the projector and projector screen, there are a lot of options for surround sound amplifiers.
Like a projector, the sky is the limit in terms of pricing.
The first thing you need to do when looking for a surround sound amplifier is to figure out which features are important to you.
If you\'re like me, you don\'t know what features you\'re looking. :(
Hopefully my research will help you reduce your amp search for a few hours.
What I am looking for in the surround sound amplifier of the surround sound system is that my standard list is very direct.
I\'m looking for five.
1 surround sound, enough HDMI input (
Since the surround sound system will control the input)
And good enough wattage to get my attention. :)
Since the amplifier will become a video source controller, all the video signals will pass through it.
So the amplifier needs to have 4 k-
Through support for HDR, because the projector in my settings supports both 4 k and HDR.
Options for surround sound systems Dolby digital options Dolby, THX, or dts surround sound has three main standards, and the amplifier can be certified
Dolby, THX and DTS.
The most common of these three standards is Dolby Digital.
The other two are sometimes mentioned, but the only thing I understand is that it\'s a different standard.
Since Dolby is the most common and other standards seem to require a higher price as well, the final choice is more about which flavor of Dolby.
Which flavor really depends a lot on the speaker budget-
And how many speakers can fit the budget.
What taste of Dolby?
I \'ve been hearing about Dolby number 5.
But I never knew what these numbers meant.
I only know those five.
This is a good surround sound system.
In my search for the surround sound system, I finally understood the numbers. A 5.
The 1 system means that there are 5 surround speakers and 1 subwoofer.
The 5 surround speakers will be the central, left, right front and left, right rear speakers.
There are a lot of Dolby Digital 7 systems in our time.
1 surround sound.
Differences in 7 out of 7.
1 surround sound system and 5 in 5.
1 is the other two rear speakers.
You will encounter a third number when purchasing a speaker system, such as 5. 1. 2 or 7. 1. 4.
The third number is in-
The ceiling speakers are also called on-site speakers.
The latest iteration of Dolby is Dolby Atmos.
The way they describe it is object oriented sound.
This means that Atmos does a better job of determining which speaker should push what sound.
Below is a table for different speaker layouts.
If you want to learn more about the different Dolby speaker settings, here is a good link to Dolby. (
Fair warning, its speakers are weird)
There are many other features available on the surround sound system, but in most cases when you\'re looking for a dedicated home theater amplifier, none of these features matter.
In my case, the surround sound system actually only works for cinemas and actually only for audio on TV, DVD, Netflix, etc. . .
Like multiple options
In my settings, it doesn\'t matter at all that area, Bluetooth stream, wifi stream, network audio playback.
I just chose the surround sound amplifier I said, and your speaker budget will be the driving force of your decision to surround sound amplifier.
Finally, I found the price of a set of 7 is very high.
2 speakers so I know I can start looking for Dolby 7.
2 surround sound system.
The amp I ended up using was Yamaha TSR-7810 7. 2-
The channel network receiver I purchased online.
It has great reviews and enough features to provide for my setup at a reasonable price.
There are 7 amplifiers.
2-channel surround sound, DTS: X, Dolby Atmosphere, 4 k HDR pass through and 3D support.
Basically, all the criteria on my list are met and this is a good price.
If you end up with the same amp or similar Yamaha amp, here are some of the best tips to help your amp sound.
Make sure to run the YPAO TestOne thing I highlighted most with this amp is make sure to run sound optimization (YPAO).
The amplifier comes with a microphone that you can plug into the front of the amplifier.
All you need to do is put the microphone in the center of the hearing space and start the test.
As mentioned in the manual, make sure you don\'t stand between one of the speakers and the microphone while the test is running.
In this way, you will not interfere with the microphone to receive the speaker sound.
When I did the test, I put the microphone in the middle seat of the theater and started the test and didn\'t leave the room until the test was complete.
YPAO will do some testing on the speakers and optimize the audio for the space.
I want to say that the difference in surround sound experience is huge, even for a non-
Enthusiasts like me
Enabling the booster option sound is a hard thing to describe, but enabling the booster option on the amplifier will bring a better, deeper, and more comprehensive sound to the sound.
One thing to keep in mind about surround sound is that the surround sound system I purchased in the past has always been with power or activitywoofers.
When you handle a receiver with a passive sub
Woofers, you need a separate amplifier to power the submarinewoofer.
When I do my research for surround sound amplifier, it\'s a fact to escape from me.
I only found it after installing the surround amp and speakers, sadly my sub-
They made no sound. :(
After several network searches on passive sub
I found out I needed to buy a separate submarine.
Bass amplifier.
Search for a child
Standard for bass horn amplifier sub
The bass amplifier is simple.
It needs to be strong enough to power the submarine.
Bass speakers and things that may trigger from the surround sound amplifier-
Eliminating the need for another remote control.
Of course, there\'s a submarine.
A bass amp that is not too expensive will be good.
Many search results will be 12 V car stereo amp when searching for subwoofer amp
Not exactly what you\'re looking.
A good way for Loone to get more relevant search results is to search for 8 ohms
Bass amplifier.
The typical home speaker is 8 ohms and the car speaker is 4 ohms. The Sub-
Bass Horn amplifier
Woofer audio SMP250 is the choice of a bass amp; 250-
Mono subwoofer power amplifier.
I chose this amp mainly because of wattage, 12 v trigger and price.
Two of these three criteria ended up not being a factor, but when I first started searching, they were what I was looking.
Tips for children
I learned something from this sub.
Bass Horn, bottom line It works fine-
There are a few things to remember. The Sub-
The idea of the 12 volt trigger of the bass amp is that when the sound is pushed to it, the sub-amp automatically detects and it automatically turns on.
This way, it can be turned on/off without the need for a remote control.
The problem I have with the trigger is that when it is turned on, it makes a very loud burst through the subwoofer.
The pop-up sound happens when it\'s on and off, needless to say it\'s not pleasant. :)
Even after their technical support has come down and moved back around and replaced the amp, there will still be a burst.
Instead, I changed the sub.
The bass amp trigger is on all the time, which proves perfect.
Amplifier access bracket-
When it does not receive an audio signal, there is no more pop-up sound when it is on or off! :)
250 this is a good question to some extent.
One of the reasons I chose this amplifier is because of the wattage, my two sub-
The bass speakers are rated as 300 W speakers, so I want something that has enough muscle to power them.
To be honest, I think I can use a less powerful amp and the Bass will be great.
This amplifier is enough to power my submarine. woofers.
There is a volume control on the back of the amp, I set it to about half and the submarine basically shakes the house.
This is a mono subwoofer. I have two subwoofer manuals. The subwoofer manual mentions that you can connect two subwoofer
The two speakers work at the same time to get the required power.
That\'s what I did.
Basically, I have speaker wires for two sub
There was a squeeze in a banana stopper.
Make sure the Banana plug. The Banana plug makes it easier for the wire to connect to the back of the amplifier.
When there are several wires attached to the back of the amplifier, it is certainly manageable, but there are 7.
2 system, you have to run 9 sets of speaker wires along with all HDMI cables on the back of the surround sound amplifier.
Banana plugs help manage the wires.
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