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Diaoyu Islands boycotted Japanese products, domestic projection brands have a chance?

by:XY Screens     2021-08-16
Recently, Japan detained my country’s Diaoyu activists and then landed on my country’s Diaoyu Islands, and planted Japanese flags to play Japanese songs, seriously damaging my country’s territorial sovereignty. Sino-Japanese relations have deteriorated seriously. Faced with this situation, people across the country have aroused their patriotic fighting spirit. Anti-Japanese demonstrations broke out in Beijing, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi'an, and other cities, and patriotic anti-Japanese protests were boycotted for a while. Japanese goods kicked off. Even irrational behaviors such as violently smashing Japanese goods in some places have made the atmosphere of arrival in Japan reach unprecedented heights. Most people think it is undesirable for the Chinese to smash the Japanese goods that the Chinese spend money on, because the Chinese people’s money has already fallen into the Japanese companies, so everyone smashes the people’s own property. This behavior is It will only make the Japanese more happy. Therefore, boycott Japanese goods should not be blind, but selective. From now on, we can stop being 'pro-Japanese' in some industry markets, and instead put more choices on domestic brands. This may be a more rational behavior.   For example, in the domestic projection market, Japanese projection brands have always maintained a dominant position for many years, putting great pressure on domestic projection brands. However, in recent years, the Jingke projection screen product brand has been rapidly rising through continuous technology and brand precipitation, and has become a mainstream brand in the projection screen market. Some friends who are agents of Taiwanese and domestic projection brands have said that in fact, sometimes they do not expect some bidding units to prefer domestic projection brands or Taiwanese brands, but just give us a chance to be shortlisted together and compare together, at least In this way, we can have a positive PK opportunity with Japanese projection brands.   'Any brand or product is not a brand when it is born, but is forged through accumulation and time. Our ability to build the screen into a well-known brand in the industry within ten years is the result of hard work.' The person in charge said.   The changes in the technical advantages of the Japanese Legion not only appear in the core projection technology of 3LCD, but also in many peripheral technologies. For example, the position of the Japanese Legion in the global image market, especially the position of the image display market, the position of global electronic products, and the traditional superiority of digital technology are all shaking. Competitors from South Korea, Taiwan, and mainland China are constantly in these fields. Challenge the traditional advantages of the Japanese Legion. This change in the external industry environment is also subtly affecting the influence of Japanese projection giants in the global market.   To sum up, in the projection field, the Japanese projection brand is not the only one of us. Therefore, when the end users purchase projections, can they give domestic brands more opportunities? Perhaps this is also a manifestation of self-declaration of national justice.
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