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Digital cinemas become the mainstream of the market, 4K technology emerges

by:XY Screens     2021-09-02
With the promulgation of the National 'Cultural Industry Revitalization Plan' and 'Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Prosperity and Development of the Film IndustryImportant role. With the support of national policies, the scale of my country's film industry and total economic volume have been greatly expanded, the level of technical equipment has been significantly improved, and the film market has continued to prosper. In 2012, the national movie box office revenue reached 17 billion yuan, an increase of 30% over 2011, and in the first quarter of 2013 alone, the box office exceeded 5.2 billion yuan. With the continuous progress of the film industry, the enthusiasm and confidence of the whole society to invest in films continues to rise. The number of screens nationwide has increased from 1845 in 2002 to the current 13,118, of which more than 12,000 2K digital screens. The mainstream cinemas have basically realized digital projections, further consolidating the foundation of the industry. As one of the most high-end projection technologies in the film industry, 4K has become the most popular projection technology for digital theaters and audiences. 4K is the standard resolution in the field of digital movies. Purely technically speaking, the resolution of the highest-level 4K movie is 4096×2160, which can be understood as: 1024×768 resolution×16 times or 1920×1080 resolution×4 times ; At present, the popular domestic digital movie projector is 2K level with a resolution of 2048×1080. To put it simply, the resolution of 4K projectors is 4 times that of the current mainstream 2K projectors in China. The audience will be able to see every detail in the picture, and the viewing effect will be clearer, smoother and more lifelike. 4K digital movie in the true sense refers to a digital movie shot with a 4K camera and projected with a 4K projector. Watching movies is definitely one of the must-go places in the lives of modern men and women. If you want to ask what types of movie theaters are currently divided into, it is estimated that most movie fans can only name two types of movie theaters, ordinary theaters and IMAX theaters. After the birth of Sony's digital 4K digital cinema, it broke the deadlock of traditional film movies and completely entered the era of real digital cinema. The new generation of ultra-high-definition display system is not only a simple improvement in physical display resolution, but also through a larger color gamut and higher color depth, the color reproduction is unprecedentedly realistic, allowing people to see closer to the natural environment Detailed images.
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