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Digital edge fusion large-screen splicing display system

by:XY Screens     2021-09-02
The pursuit of beautiful large screens, pure colors, and high-resolution display effects has always been a potential requirement for people's visual experience. From the establishment of command and monitoring centers and network management centers to the conduct of video conferences, academic reports, technical lectures and multi-functional conferences, the desire for large screens, multi-color, high-brightness, and high-resolution display effects is becoming stronger and stronger. However, traditional TV walls, projection hard splicing screens and cabinet splicing walls are difficult to meet people's requirements in this regard. Recently, the rapid rise of digital edge fusion large-screen splicing projection display technology is gradually becoming an effective way to meet this demand. Digital edge fusion large-screen splicing projection display technology is generally used in virtual simulation, system control and scientific research, and has recently begun to develop into professional fields such as exhibitions, industrial design, education and training, and conference centers. The edge fusion large-screen splicing projection display system can show us the whole picture without any sense of separation, which can give people a perfect visual enjoyment; in addition, the beautiful picture brings a wonderful visual impact, and the higher resolution is While improving the clarity, people feel the charm of the subtle display, the projection distance is reduced, the space utilization is greatly improved, and the use cost is reduced; specifically, it has the following characteristics: increase the display size of the whole picture The advantages do not need to be stated too much, because the display of the perfect picture is always clear to the viewer. Increasing the brightness of the bright and beautiful picture brings people an extraordinary visual impact, but how to increase the brightness of the picture without increasing the projection space? ? Multiple splicing makes this problem easily solved. The emergence of fusion edge technology has ensured the perfection of the picture and color consistency to a greater extent. Increasing the display resolution The resolution of the picture directly affects the clarity of the picture. Different screen materials have different resolutions. Screens with various lens materials will affect the display resolution and clarity of the picture regardless of the viewing angle or resolution. . The entire picture improves the resolution of the picture display, so that the display of the original signal source is not affected. After the splicing of multiple projectors adopts the edge fusion technology, it not only overcomes the split feeling of the screen picture, but also improves the uniformity and consistency of the picture color and brightness, and all displays become meticulous. Reducing the projection distance With the emergence of seamless splicing, the shortening of the projection distance becomes inevitable. For example, the original 200-inch (4000x3000mm) screen, if there is no physical and optical seams, we will only be able to use one projector, projection distance u003d lens focal length x screen width, using a wide-angle lens 1.2:1, our projection distance is also It takes 4.8 meters. Now, we have adopted the edge-melting technology, and there are no gaps in the picture. Our distance is only 2.4 meters, which is completely achievable. Screens used in edge fusion The main criteria for selecting screens for edge fusion are: screen material, screen gain and half-gain viewing angle uniformity, flatness, resolution, contrast, and ultra-large seamless. In the overall funding ratio of the large-screen projection system, the screen may only It occupies a small part, but it is very important for the effect of the entire system. If the projection screen is not selected properly, it is equivalent to setting a bottleneck for the entire system. No matter how good the performance of other equipment in the system, the overall visual effect Will be restrained, unable to fully express the perfect performance of the system. In the previous projection system, due to technical limitations, the brightness of the projector could not be very high, so in order to increase the projection brightness, a relatively high gain rate is generally required for the screen, but this will affect the contrast and color fineness. Nowadays, the development of projection technology is very rapid, and the brightness of the projector is no longer a problem. Therefore, in the requirements of the projection screen, the gain rate is placed at a lower position, and the flatness of the screen, the viewing angle contrast and the uniformity are mainly considered. In this application, choose a screen with a gain of 1.0 (+/-0.5) to get a better imaging effect. The reason is that the larger the gain of the screen, the smaller the viewing angle of the screen. If the viewer is not in the middle of the screen, it is easy to see the fusion part of the screen, so that the overall image uniformity appears poor.
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