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Digital immersive ring screen exhibition hall

by:XY Screens     2021-09-02
The ring-screen projection hall is no longer the patent of science and technology museums, museums, and planning museums. In many high-end real estate sales offices in big cities, in order to allow customers to experience the charm of the houses they have built more vividly and technologically, the ring screen projection hall technology is also used at the forefront of sales.  How to build a real estate ring screen projection hall? There are many technologies for building a ring screen projection hall. The immersive three-channel ring screen projection hall introduced today is more advanced, more convenient and smarter than ordinary sales halls. As the immersive ring screen projection is used as the form of expression, it increases the customer's immersion when watching the film, making it easier for customers to feel the space inside the room, and it is more convenient for customers to design their own ideal decoration plan according to their own preferences .   And when playing the entire company's promotional video, the immersive ring screen projection program can also demonstrate the great momentum. Increase the company's impression points. Imagine if you just watch a promotional film through an ordinary LCD TV, no matter how gorgeous or vivid the film is, it is difficult to capture the hearts of customers with a small picture. And a large-scale ring screen projection that is like a rainbow will make customers the first step in entering the sales office, that is, to be attracted by the momentum of the ring screen, unknowingly walk in front of the ring screen, and watch all the promotional videos. It not only increases the customer's first impression of the company, but also facilitates the customer to have a general understanding of the surrounding information of the entire company, increasing the customer's trust and recognition of the company. The effect of this is definitely more practical and valuable than the introduction and promotion of 10 real estate agents, which are around the customers. For digital sales offices in the general sense, digital means refer to:  1. All-round and multi-form collection of real estate information, standardized storage, scientific processing, and public display, including text, graphics, images, Different data such as video, audio, and 3D model. 2. Use digital technology to realize sales promotion for customers. 3. Combine the existing display space to carry out digital transformation, realize the all-round, immersive and interactive display of cultural relics, and display unlimited real estate information content in the limited sales space.
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