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digital projector lamp - tips for extending lamp life

by:XY Screens     2019-11-19
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Digital projector users can do something to extend the life of the projector lamp.
Although the cost of the projector continues to decline, the cost of replacing the lamp has not decreased significantly.
Advances in technology have enabled some companies to offer projection instrument lights for $200, but many companies still cost more than $500.
The lamp life of the projector will vary by many factors.
Some depend on how the projector is used and the type of content played through the projector.
Most of the factors of the life of the projector lamp are related to the installation of the projector and the cooling amount received by the projector.
Taking care of the projector lamp is important to make the most of the equipment.
Projector lamp-the projector that is \"permanently installed\" properly installed in a permanent position usually has longer lights.
This is because the projector lamp is most vulnerable when it is hot and moved.
Don\'t move the projector when it\'s hot, because it\'s easy to shorten the life of the lamp.
The permanent installation of the projector should have enough cold air flowing in.
Most projector owner manuals have a range of requirements for the amount of air required for the projector.
This is usually represented by the amount of space between the projector and any other object.
If the exact requirements are not listed, the rule of thumb for the next closest object is 2 \'.
Attention should be paid to ensuring that the vents of the projector do not accumulate too much dust.
With a permanent installation, it\'s good to have a cleaning schedule.
It is easy to forget that the projector installed on the ceiling is not cleaned as often as other items in the room.
It is recommended to clean every three to six months.
This should be adjusted according to the operating environment.
The projector can be installed permanently on a portable table, which makes it easy to move while preventing it from being hit on the floor.
The key to protecting the lamp is to ensure that there is enough air flow in the projector to cool.
Some devices need to protect the projector from being stolen.
This is best done with a cage around the projector instead of a box that will catch hot air.
Projector lamp portable installation when the projector is used in a portable environment, or when installed and disassembled before and after each use, care must be taken to cool the projector lamp.
Travel reps are most likely to leave the speech in a hurry and not let the lights cool normally.
A basic rule to extend the life of the projector is to always wait for at least five minutes after turning off the projector or unplugging the device.
Some projectors do not lose power until the internal sensor determines that the lamp is properly cooled.
However, the user may inadvertently disconnect the power supply before the lamp cools down.
When used as a portable projector, it is important to pay attention to where the cooling air comes from.
Many times, when projectors are pulled out for board meetings or quick presentations, they are used with laptops sitting next to them.
If the computer drains the hot air out of the projector\'s air inlet, it will take longer for the lamp to cool down.
Projector lamp-use properly, place paper or books in front of the device, trying to hide the contents of the projection.
This is not a problem as long as there is no airflow blocking.
Don\'t support a book immediately in front of the camera.
Most projectors have vents due to the need for cooling very much.
A piece of paper or book covering the top of the lens or unit can easily limit the air and shorten the life of the projector lamp.
Another way to quickly shorten the life of the projector lamp is to put the lens cover on the lens when the bulb is turned on.
This creates too much heat by allowing the lens glass to heat more than the normal glass.
The rubber stopper or plastic cover above the lens will prevent it from cooling as designed.
After purchase, it is a good idea to use the new projector and projector lamp as soon as possible for at least 20 hours.
If a lamp fails prematurely, it may fail during this time.
This allows the user to replace the new light during the warranty period.
Most new fixtures are under warranty three to six months after purchase-
Not from the beginning of the installation.
Any spare fixture shall be tested using at least 20 hours within days of purchase.
The original light can be saved as a spare or re-saved
The installation is used until it no longer works.
When changing lights, users must not touch them alone.
Oil on the skin causes uneven heating of the lamp.
This will shorten the life of the lamp.
It is recommended to use clean cloth or gloves when replacing the light.
The rated life of the projector lamp is usually between 2000 and 4000 hours.
This actually refers to half.
Life of the lamp. The half-
Life is the brightness of the lamp is the new half of the place.
The lights can still work to half
But it will continue to lose light.
When purchasing a new projector, it is good to consider what the typical life of the lamp is.
$200 to $500 per bulb, which can make a big difference in the purchase decision.
The life of the projector lamp is 3000 hours, and if it is used 10 hours a week, it should last more than 5 years.
However, if the projector is overheated or moved while the lamp is still warm, the life of the lamp can be greatly shortened.
By carefully preventing the lamp from overheating, it is realistic that the projector lamp will serve the user for several years.
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