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Is the expensive curtain really a perfect match for laser TV?

by:XY Screens     2018-10-17

The so-called laser TV is a laser light source projector and projection screen using reflective ultra-short-focus projection technology. It has excellent image quality in high brightness environment, and can be regarded as a projector with smart TV function. Class of intelligent hardware. Because of the 'three highs': high-brightness, high-resolution, high-priced and well-known laser TV, users who can buy it, the economic conditions are generally not too bad. But these users are not always willing to 'spend big money', the same is to pay more attention to 'cost-effective'; therefore, there is a problem has been bothering them, in the end, laser TV needs a curtain?  it necessary to increase the cost? What is a laser TV First of all, let's take a look at what is a laser TV. The so-called laser TV is composed of a laser light source projector and a projection screen using reflective ultra-short-focus projection technology. The image quality is excellent in a high-brightness environment, which can be seen as Intelligent hardware such as projectors with smart TV capabilities. No screen is not a problem, there is a light screen to show the charm Generally, the lasers currently sold are not equipped with anti-light curtains (anti-light screens), just like smart micro-projections, they are directly cast on the white wall, but the effect is inferior to the anti-light curtain. Like the projector, the laser TV needs to overcome the ambient light, so that we can clearly see the picture during the day or in the bright light, showing a brighter picture. The white wall is a diffuse reflection effect. After the light below the white wall, the light will be emitted around, causing the brightness of the picture to decrease. The anti-light screen adopts a special optical sawtooth structure. The black light above the sawtooth can block the light absorption layer, while the lower part is It is a special coating that makes the image reflect when it is projected, which makes the image contrast higher and more realistic. The anti-light curtain is specially designed to concentrate the light in the direction of the viewer, and the brightness of the screen is naturally higher; the anti-light curtain can be very Good resistance to ambient light can make the picture quality better. This is the white wall and the ordinary one or two hundred curtains are incomparable. White wall is not good, so cheap curtain? One or two hundred curtains - white plastic, low price, uniform reflection characteristics, the main material is composite plastic and glass fiber, which can restore the color more accurately, but the material itself is more general, the surface of the curtain is embossed diffuse reflection layer, quality The gain effect is poor. Naturally, it can't be compared with thousands of anti-light curtains. If you pay for it, you can see the difference in price. The anti-light curtain is made of metal and resin. The special optical sawtooth structure mentioned above is resistant to the environment. The light effect is good, the contrast of the picture quality can be increased, and the picture coming out is more realistic, more natural and bright, and will not be whitened. Many users may wonder why laser TVs are so expensive. They are tens of thousands in minutes. Can't merchants give them an anti-light curtain? The reason is very simple, the upper grade, the anti-light curtain that can match the laser TV, it is too! Expensive! An anti-light curtain is enough to buy a smart TV, okay! How do you let the business give you a free copy! Result: It is necessary to increase the anti-light curtain Since the white wall can be used, why do you have to buy a professional anti-light curtain? How do you say that you have spent a lot of money to buy a laser TV, do you still want to buy an anti-light curtain to get the best experience? White wall The light resistance is poor, the color of the picture will be light during the day, the contrast is poor, you have to pull on the curtains, you can see it, but the experience is normal; the ordinary screen not only does not show the best effect, but also may appear distortion Not as good as a white wall. Therefore, buy a laser TV must match the professional anti-light curtain, otherwise you just bought a 4K TV, there is a super good 4K screen, you have been watching the 720 video; the anti-light curtain technology is high, showing The picture quality is realistic and natural. Since you have bought such a expensive laser TV, don't think too much, with a professional anti-light curtain, so that the experience is the best. Such expensive products as laser TV are not suitable for ordinary families. Users who can purchase laser TV still have a good economic foundation. Since purchasing such an expensive TV, it is necessary to get the best experience. The equipment naturally has to keep up, otherwise the front Isn’t the huge amount of money spent wasted?
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