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do you know? How popular is the holographic wedding!

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
People's pursuit of weddings is mostly the same romantic and warm. For this purpose, wedding companies have racked their brains, star-rated hotels, luxury cars, celebrities... Nowadays, in many cities in China, it seems that it has become popular to make weddings look like evening parties. The holographic projection technology that used to be a special stage for large-scale evening parties has begun to gradually enter high-end weddings. Friends who pay attention to fashion and entertainment topics on weekdays must be impressed by the luxurious wedding between Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy. In the AH century wedding, holographic projection technology was used extensively to bring a dazzling 3D effect to the wedding, adding a sense of high-end atmosphere on site. The wedding market is booming. From the current point of view, consumer needs are diversified, and private customization and one-stop service have become the direction of industry development. Today, when a couple promised to each other at the wedding and said I was willing, they had to pay at least RMB 100,000 for the dream wedding. The annual size of the wedding market is 610 billion yuan, attracting more and more capital to join it, and more and more wedding companies have emerged. Wedding expenses are increasing year by year in the wedding industry, with more and more personalized, more and more high-end customizations. In the final analysis, the fight is a creativity. It is the dream of every bride to have a unique and exclusive wedding and leave a wonderful and unforgettable memory of a lifetime. Therefore, the wedding has evolved from the simple liveliness, eating and drinking in the past, to the oath and gratitude ceremony later, but all these still cannot satisfy the bride's princess dream. For a wedding, hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars are spent at all costs. The prospect of holographic weddings is promising. Generally, when doing weddings, in order to achieve the effect of changing the background, LED screens are usually used to combine with the scenery to transform, but this mode can only show the changes on a plane. With the addition of holographic projection technology, let The wedding changes from a flat surface to a three-dimensional. In weddings, holographic images can make the sky full of stars, changing castles, changing the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and even the presence of characters in fairy tales to bless new couples. With naked eye 3D, holographic technology and elaborate design, the wedding scene is absolutely stunning. Screen projection product parameters Type A: A thin translucent screen. The texture is light and soft, the image is clear, and the screen has good light transmittance, which can well reflect the combination of the projected picture and the real scene. The screen material is environmentally friendly, cleanable, flame-retardant, and has good tensile strength. Optional size: width 3 meters \ 5.2 meters, length 50-100 meters, can be spliced u200bu200boptional colors: black, dark gray, light gray, white B type: a thick seamless screen. The curtain surface is composed of a rhombus-shaped coarse mesh structure, with a soft texture and clear imaging. The screen material is environmentally friendly, cleanable, flame-retardant, and has good tensile strength. Optional size: width and height are not limited, and can be customized according to requirements. Optional colors: black, light gray, white. Mode of use Normally, according to the needs of the project and the actual situation of the scene, choose the method suitable for the performance projection. Generally, several reference conditions should be considered: 1. Image quality effect; 2. Consider the influence of air flow and breeze on the screen; 3. Because it is used for performances, good sound effects are required. Please consider the placement and volume of the speakers. Penetrability. After determining the material of the screen, we design the installation mode and operation mode of the screen according to the site conditions. There are the following methods: 1. Super-large up and down running electric mode. Its characteristics are: the use of professional servo motors to ensure smooth and stable operation; the lower shaft slides up and down in the rails on both sides of the column to increase safety, and at the same time, it can stabilize the screen, effectively preventing air flow and audio vibration from high-power speakers from affecting the projection The impact of the picture. One-way running time: 90 seconds. 2. Double/single-side rail sliding mode, the opening and closing of normal theaters, auditoriums and other stage curtains are basically the same. Because it is a screen projection, the material is relatively light, and it is greatly affected by air flow when used outdoors. It is necessary to add a counterweight at the bottom edge of the screen to ensure the weight of the screen surface, so as to make the screen surface flat and reduce the air flow. Impact. The one-way running time is within 90 seconds. According to the actual situation of the projecting system, it is recommended to use two high-definition high-brightness projectors to project the perfect picture. Advantages: 1. From the perspective of the use of the performance site (suddenly, occasionally, replaceability, etc.), that is, in the course of a normal performance, once a projection device fails or signal transmission problems and other emergencies, the other The projection can be run normally to ensure the normal performance of the show. 2. The superimposition of 2 sets can double the brightness and sharpness speed. For example, the superimposed brightness of 2 sets of 10000 lumens can reach 20000 lumens. 3. Cost advantage, if two 10,000 lumens projectors are used to superimpose the brightness of 20,000 lumens, it will save 2030% compared to the cost of one 20,000 lumens. Application places and fields: various performance background projections, large-scale weddings, holographic 3D projections, virtual reality real-life performances, large-scale commercial center advertising broadcasts, scenic spots introduction, etc. Pay attention to the official account to participate in the lottery prizes: first prize, second prize, third prize First prize: 3V110 inch 16:9 electric screen Second prize: Notebook Third prize: Cup lottery rules: 1. Two prizes a day Opportunity, each time consumes 1 point, and the points can be obtained in the sign-in in the micro SHOW under the WeChat public account. u200b2. 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