Do you know how to classify LED displays on the road _Traffic information led screen | LED traffic g

Do you know how to classify LED displays on the road? _Traffic information led screen | LED traffic guidance screen

by:XY Screens     2021-08-12
Due to the convenience and operability of the LED display, the current usage rate of the LED display in the traffic guidance system on the road is very high, but how much do you know about it? In the information age and the rapid development of intelligent transportation systems today, in the transportation field, information release has become an important service content. What are the functions of LED traffic guidance screens and what are the specific classifications? 1. The 4 functions of the LED traffic guidance display screen 1. The color, mode and information of the LED display screen are diversified. According to the traffic guidance system and environmental requirements, it can display personalized audiovisual, video, image, text and other traffic information in different ways , So that passing pedestrians can get real-time and accurate traffic information. 2. The traffic guidance LED display requires high luminous brightness and wide viewing angle; the luminous brightness of the display can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient light intensity. Under normal circumstances, the LED traffic guidance screen must work continuously for 24 hours a day, and the display content can be clearly visible under direct sunlight. Normally, the visual distance of the display screen should be about 200m. 3. Remote control and intelligent detection ensure the safe, real-time, accurate and reliable display of traffic information in the system. 4. The outdoor traffic guidance LED display requires a high level of protection, and the structure design of the LED display box should meet the requirements of IP65 protection level. Because the LED traffic guidance display screen works under outdoor conditions, the environment is complicated, and the requirements in terms of temperature, power supply, rain, moisture, corrosion, and lightning protection are complicated, and at the same time, high reliability is required. Take special targeted measures. Traffic guidance LED display is a media that releases real-time and accurate traffic information to the public. Therefore, the system has higher requirements for safety and reliability. In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the traffic guidance LED display, the selection and quality requirements of the display control system, software, LED pixel tube, integrated circuit, etc. should be stable and reliable. At the same time, traffic guidance LED display screens generally work in a network environment for public information release, which also has higher requirements for safety. 2. Five categories of LED traffic guidance screens 1. Variable speed limit LED displays (boards). Variable speed limit LED displays are mostly set on some key sections of roads with complex road conditions or super large bridges. They are mostly circular or single. The arm suspension is the main screen. The monitoring center computer implements remote control through the communication network, and transmits and displays the speed limit mileage or brief traffic information of the road section, which plays a role in prompting the vehicle to drive in accordance with the speed limit and ensure driving safety. 2. Mast-type variable led display screen Mast-type variable information screen is the main information dissemination method of expressways. Due to its large size, cross-road gantry is generally used as the bracket of the variable electronic display screen, which is passed by the main monitoring computer. The communication network implements remote control, transmits and displays various graphics and text information, and promptly releases different road conditions and various traffic information on different road sections to drivers, and conducts traffic laws and traffic knowledge publicity to reduce expressway reproducible congestion. The purpose of reducing the impact of non-reproducible accidents on expressways and improving driving safety; thereby effectively diverting traffic and improving the efficiency of expressways. 3. Mobile traffic information led screen During highway construction and maintenance, the highway authority or construction personnel temporarily closes the lane or changes lanes, and how to inform road users of the traffic information is very important. The fixed variable information board is limited by the uncertainty of the road construction site or the long distance, and it is not easy to function. The mobile LED traffic information screen (LED vehicle-mounted display) is compact, flexible and light, suitable for installation on a trailer-mounted motor vehicle, and can be placed on the target site anytime and anywhere for direct display, which makes up for the lack of fixed variable information boards. 4. Service LED display The service LED display refers to the LED equipment installed in the toll station area and service area to provide various services and publicity. Through toll plaza, service area parking lot, indoor installation of various LED display screens, timely provide various information such as real-time road conditions and service assistance to the past drivers and passengers, so as to facilitate the travel of the drivers and passengers, and improve the management level and external image of the road section 5. Guidance indicator (warning) led screen In order to ensure the safety of highway construction workers and vehicles and other vehicles in normal driving, highway operating vehicles must be installed with eye-catching high-brightness signs to warn and guide other vehicles in the future to avoid The occurrence of accidents. The directional warning LED display is a necessary equipment for construction vehicles on expressways.
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