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Do you know if your projection screen is real or not?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
The projection screen does not seem to have advanced technology on the surface, but there are still many doorways on its thin screen. In the process of communicating with many projection screen operators and users, we found that although the quality of projection screens is high, the phenomenon of false ones, inferior ones, and brand confusion frequently occur. These problems not only seriously harm the interests of consumers, but also seriously damage the interests of consumers. The brand and image of the company. Many users report that most brands are counterfeit. Today, we will explain the screens from two categories: front projection screens and rear projection screens, so as to provide consumers with a better way to distinguish the true and false of the screen and the pros and cons.  The common front projection screens include white plastic screens, glass bead screens and metal screens. In the teaching process, the most used glass bead screen should be the glass bead screen. We will introduce the glass bead screen from the aspects of the back fabric of the projection screen, surface materials, modeling, environmental protection, cost performance and sales channels.  The back cloth material of the high-quality projection screen is relatively flexible, and the whole is relatively flat, and the glass and fiber materials can have the effect of flame retardancy. The overall structure is horizontal and vertical, and it is not easy to deform. Low-quality and inferior projection screens usually have a soft base, which tends to curl up after a period of time, and is not flame-retardant. The teacher can see the difference by carefully observing the back of the curtain.   The fineness of the glass beads on the surface of the projection screen and the coating process will directly affect the graininess and noise of the image. One thing to remind everyone is that a screen with a rough touch to the touch is not inferior, and a screen with a finer touch may not be of high quality. Most of the domestic projection screens feel more delicate, because most of the glass beads are embedded in the curtain, while the imported projection screens are more delicate and most of the glass bead crystals are exposed, so the feel is relatively rough. According to experts, the glass bead crystals One third is embedded in the projection screen, and its reflection, refraction, gain and viewing angle effects are all in the best state. Therefore, high-quality projection screens have a rough feel, while inferior screens have a finer feel. High-quality projection screens will also have the effect of preventing mildew and discoloration. At the same time, some high-quality projection screens will be added with appropriate black glass beads, which can eliminate the phenomenon of blinking and protect the eyes. Inferior projection screens are usually more dazzling, prone to mold, and will turn yellow when used for a long time.  In terms of brand appearance, the motor of high-quality projection screens has strong power and durability. The self-locking system and performance of the rotating shaft have higher operability, and different brands have their own unique trademarks and shapes. It is understood that each brand has its own LOGO printed on the plastic casings at the left and right ends of the projection screen. The casings are also made of different materials. The casing has a The manufacturer inquires about the authenticity and status of the projection screen.  Environmental protection projection screen usually refers to the screen whose formaldehyde content (mg/kg) is ≤75 standard, while the detection content value of high-quality projection screen is less than 75. When you are buying a projection screen, you must first look at the test report provided by the manufacturer before making a choice to prevent counterfeiting. In terms of cost performance, the price of high-quality projection screens of the same specifications is definitely higher than that of inferior products. In particular, the price of imported projection screens is higher among products of the same specification. Among different specifications, the price is not the criterion for evaluating the quality of the projection screen, so when you buy, you should choose the most suitable projection screen according to your own different needs. After all, 'good quality and low price' is our ultimate goal.   For your benefit, when purchasing a projection screen, be sure to look for the brand trademark, and try to buy from the projection screen company's offices across the country or its designated authorized agents.
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