Do you still watch the Spring Festival Gala on TV Play something different this year, use projection

Do you still watch the Spring Festival Gala on TV? Play something different this year, use projection to transform your home into a cinema!

by:XY Screens     2021-08-31
The weather is slowly getting colder, and we are always feeling: Why has this year passed so fast? Yes, our 2017 balance is already insufficient, but it also means that our traditional Spring Festival is coming soon. Everyone must be thinking about what to bring home, how to play, what kind of party to arrange, etc. . Of course, the Spring Festival Gala cannot be missed. The Spring Festival Gala has become an old friend of our New Year. It has become a habit for many Chinese people to sit together on New Year’s Eve and watch the Gala together. However, with the development of projection technology, watching the Spring Festival Gala with home projection has become a new trend indicator. The large projection screen and clear and sharp picture quality can bring a brand new experience to the whole family, so this year's Spring Festival Gala may wish to change it. Enjoy the shock of the big screen with projection. Since the launch of special anti-light curtains for laser TVs and non-screen TVs, it has always attracted consumers’ attention. It is not only attractive for its 120-inch large screen, but also has the advantages of no electromagnetic radiation, no eye damage, and low energy consumption. Unachievable technical standards. Imagine how happy a family can watch the Spring Festival Gala without fear of harm. Traditional projection screens generally need to be matched with dark rooms. Thick curtains and closed windows are required. The ambient light reflected by them is close to the projection light, resulting in an abnormally low contrast level, which often leads to eye fatigue and reduces the audience's attention. Whether you are watching the Spring Festival Gala or watching a movie at home during the Spring Festival, it is a good choice to use a large-screen anti-light projection to watch with your family. After watching the Spring Festival Gala for many years, it is time to say goodbye to traditional TV and enjoy a special event. It’s the Spring Festival Gala, and enjoy the stunning large-screen visual experience with your family, and spend an unforgettable and warm New Year’s Eve and Spring Festival!
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