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Dome projection demonstration system

by:XY Screens     2021-08-26
Dome projection technology is an emerging display technology, which breaks the limitation that the projected image can only be a flat regular pattern in the past. Dome projection technology is divided into external projection and internal projection. External projection is to project the spherical screen from the outside from four directions through four projectors. The edge fusion technology presents a spherical seamless and realistic picture, and can ensure that the picture is not deformed, the picture quality is clear, and the color is bright. Hang the outside pitching ball in the hall to create a super dazzling and dynamic visual effect. Internal projection means that the projector is placed at the bottom of the dome and a fisheye lens is used to reflect and project the signal to the spherical screen for visualization. The inner throwing device, with its special functional resin earth screen and high-lumen projector, can form a seamless display on the surface of the ball screen, and supports multi-window and multi-screen display, which can be very stable and vivid The designed texts, patterns, animations, and videos are projected and displayed clearly, creating a super shocking dynamic visual effect. Our company specializes in providing customers with rigid and seamless inner pitching screens. 1. The advantages of the inner pitching screen: ◎High cost performance: For the traditional outer pitching display system, 4 machines are needed, while the inner pitching only needs 1 machine to perfectly present the display effect, which is more cost-effective. ◎Small field limit: small field size requirements, only the diameter of the ball * 1.5 area can be erected. ◎Convenient installation, maintenance and debugging: It only takes 1 working day for a technician to install and debug on site, which is easier to maintain and debug than the traditional outside pitching that requires more effort. 2. Classification of hard ball screens: In terms of production technology, hard ball screens are divided into seamless inner ball screens and double-layered (with splicing seams) inner ball screens. (1) Double-split (with splicing seams) dome is an earlier production process in China, that is, two hemispheres are glued together or metal wires are used to form a whole dome, but the image is formed on the dome. At the same time, the seams at the joints of the two hemispheres will appear abrupt and obtrusive, and the roundness of the spherical screen is also difficult to reach the standard. (2) The seamless inner ball screen is made of optical resin that can be used for projection and imaging as the base material, and it is made by one-time casting and mold opening, which completely solves the problem of splicing seams and makes the whole ball screen integrated. 3. The characteristics of the hard ball screen: a. Due to the enhanced contrast screen processing method in the ball screen base material, the ball screen is unparalleled in contrast and image quality. b. The ball screen has the characteristics of impact resistance and toughness, and the general external force has no effect on the ball screen. c. The base material of the ball screen is resin, which has the functions of waterproof and moisture-proof, hydrolysis resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and mildew resistance. d. The diameter of the hard ball curtain is generally 60 cm-2 m, which is convenient and simple to install, and has very low requirements for the installation environment. e. The rigid dome screen can be installed flexibly and can be hung; it can be floored or even inlaid on the wall to meet the different display needs of customers. f. Low maintenance cost, suitable for all kinds of perennial exhibition halls, planning halls, science and technology halls, etc. 4. Comparison of the effect of seamless dome and double dome: 5. Inner throw imaging system: a high-lumen engineering projector, equipped with a special fisheye lens, plus our professionally provided hard The in-slit ball screen is a complete multimedia digital projection system. This new type of high-tech publicity display equipment has a variety of configurations, and users can configure it in different ways according to actual needs. Whether your purpose is popular science education or corporate image promotion, its magical display effect can impress the audience. Support functions: display function, interactive function, joint screen interactive function; equipment features: 1. At present, the seamless ball can be customized in size according to customer needs. But the general size is 0.6-2.0 meters in diameter for the whole ball; 2. The sphere imaging generally uses materials: rear projection hard curtain blister; anti-invasive epoxy resin; transparent acrylic board blister + projection spray paint; gray or frosted acrylic material absorption Plastic; 3. Better display effect in low light environment; 4. Suitable for indoor use. Equipment installation: hoisting or base bracket installation. Applicable occasions: 1. Science and technology museums, observatories, earthquake bureaus, space agencies, schools, museums, exhibition halls and other places, through animation and images, etc., display the earth, satellites, planets, earthquakes , Ocean, Atmosphere, Sun and other popular science education content; 2. Corporate exhibition halls, government exhibition halls, cinema lines, entertainment venues, CLUB, bars, KTV, high-level business clubs, tourist attractions, etc., which can achieve good brand display and publicity effects ; 3. It can show all the content that users need to show according to their needs. Equipment composition: projector, bracket, inner projection screen, fisheye lens, computer system multimedia material: rear projection type ball screen playback material.
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