Domestic full-color LED display application technology needs continuous improvement_full-color LED l

Domestic full-color LED display application technology needs continuous improvement_full-color LED large screen|LED large screen manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-18
Since 2009, the market demand for full-color LED displays has shown a rapid upward trend. The contracted amount of major LED large-screen manufacturers has increased by 20% compared with the same period last year, and some have even almost doubled compared with last year. There are also many companies that have newly entered the field of full-color LED large screens with excellent results. Compared with previous years, the market sprung up early this year, with many large projects, and more than a dozen projects with more than 10 million yuan have been implemented. Entering the third quarter, many major projects have entered the bidding stage. Another feature is the significant increase in projects invested by companies, including applications in commercial advertising. It can be said that as a commercial advertising media, full-color LED displays are once again favored by the advertising industry after nearly ten years of silence. At the same time, the export situation of full-color LED large screens is also encouraging. At the beginning of September, the annual Optical Expo was held in Shenzhen. This exhibition is a big show of the LED large screen industry in the past year. LED large screens, LED lighting, LED traffic lights, LED large screen production equipment, test equipment, etc. are dazzling, indicating that the new climax of my country's LED industry has arrived. The author believes that this exhibition is a sign that my country's full-color LED display industry has reached a turning point in localization. Internationally known LED light-emitting tube manufacturers and full-color LED display manufacturers have also begun to transfer to the Chinese mainland on a large scale, and the Chinese mainland will become the manufacturing center of LEDs and their products. The vast market, good investment environment, and low labor costs have made China gradually become the manufacturing center of the world's electronics industry. Just like computers, mobile phones, televisions and other electronic products, China is also a manufacturing center for the full-color LED display industry. As a manufacturer engaged in the research and development of full-color LED display technology for a long time, Huaze Optoelectronics has been paying attention to the development of my country's LED large-screen business and the new achievements of the international LED large-screen display industry. Three years ago, in the article 'Remarks on the Development of Full Color LED Display ScreensIt should be said that this overall pattern has not changed, but the increasing demand for commercial advertising is also a very important development trend. It can be said that my country's full-color LED display industry is ushering in a new climax. Seriously study the new situation of market development and technological progress, adopt correct countermeasures, seize opportunities, and make rapid improvement and sustainable development. These should be issues worthy of research in the industry. I take the liberty to raise questions about technical indicators and other issues, hoping that colleagues and experts can correct me. Image project: Aiming at the world-class image project means that the main purpose of building a large screen is to add style to the city or a certain major event. It does not directly create economic benefits, but it can enhance the city’s popularity, shape the city’s image, and improve the investment environment. Creating a business atmosphere is conducive to economic development and has good social benefits, thereby indirectly creating economic benefits. The image project is mainly government investment, focusing on social benefits, rather than or mainly not obtaining economic benefits through commercial operations. In recent years, large-scale squares in urban centers or large LED screens in public leisure squares built in many places across the country are typical image projects. A large number of LED display screens in stadiums, which are necessary supporting facilities for modern stadiums, also belong to this category. As an image project, it is inevitable to pursue as perfect performance and effect as possible, especially high-quality video images. In layman's terms, it is to make a giant color TV. This is what many domestic manufacturers have been working hard for for a long time and have made considerable progress. However, we are still far from our ideal goal. Compared with the screen, the gap is still very large. A commercial street on Hunan Road, Nanjing, invested heavily in the construction of a full-color LED display with an area of u200bu200b114 square meters. The display was built by the British company UNITEK and has been in operation so far. From the effect point of view, it is currently the best in China. Big screen. As a large full-color LED screen, its key technical indicators are: high enough brightness, viewing distance and viewing angle; good color reproduction; high enough grayscale capability; high enough scan refresh rate. Sufficiently high video signal processing capabilities, especially, the consistency is better, and the structure and craftsmanship also need to work hard. The technical indicators of the large LED screen on Hunan Road during the bidding are: white balance brightness greater than 5000cd/m2; white balance color temperature 6500K; video processing bits greater than 10bit; each primary color of gray scale is greater than 10bit, which can display 1.07 billion colors ; Refresh frequency is greater than 400Hz; led display has no perceptible color difference, the color difference of each primary color of the full screen is less than 4nm; led display has no perceptible brightness difference, the brightness difference of adjacent pixels is less than 5%, displaying red, green and blue monochrome There is no perceptible mosaic phenomenon in grayscale images; MTBF is greater than 5000 hours, and MTTR is less than 30 minutes. Domestic full-color LED display technology also needs to continuously improve product quality while focusing on the development and application of new technologies. Huaze Optoelectronics will continue to develop new products while ensuring product quality.
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