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Don't go out on Chinese Valentine's Day, a romantic recommendation

by:XY Screens     2021-09-29
'The injury is the last cold day, and the haggard is unspeakable. Inviting wine to induce three cups of drunkenness, seeking fragrance and dreaming about the cold. Chai Tou Feng Xianqing has tears, and I missed it. Xiaolou is lonely and new. The rainy moon is also difficult to be like a hook and difficult to circle.” In the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, the love story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl was widely circulated. The Qixi Festival has become a well-known festival, and there are many folk activities in the festival. It is colorful. The seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar is the day when the Morning Bull and the Weaver Girl meet at the Magpie Bridge. In ancient times, on this evening, women took their own needles and thread, under the grape trellis in their courtyard, begging for the ingenious needlework of the Weaver Girl. But this day, there are also folk activities such as 'piercing needles and begging for clevernessToday, the Qixi Festival has evolved into China's 'Valentine's Day'. So how will your friends spend such a day? There are many ways to celebrate the holidays now, such as playing video games together and having a cup of coffee in an elegant coffee shop. Speaking of the most romantic way, two people hug each other on the sofa to watch a movie together, create a DIY home theater with a high-quality curtain screen, watch the clear picture, and enjoy what the ancients said, 'the night is as cold as water.' , To see the romantic sentiment of 'Morning Bull and Vega'. Isn't it a little excited to think about it this way? I will recommend some of these products to everyone today. Shenzhen Silver Screen is a manufacturer specializing in Ru0026D, production and sales of high-end projection screens. The main products include glass fiber white plastic curtains, nano sound-transmitting curtains, glass fiber high-definition curtains and other types of screens. Below, I recommend several screens suitable for home theaters. The white plastic screen is one of the screen materials with the most functions and the most uniform reflection under the condition of certain ambient light. It is suitable for front projection. It can provide unconstrained visual angle and perfect consistency of the image, and give precise clarity. , Especially the reduction of black, white and other colors. The surface of the curtain has the characteristics of being washable, moisture-proof, anti-mildew, flame-retardant, odorless, and wide viewing angle. Nano Acoustic Screen Pursue the perfect fusion of picture and sound. The most ideal position for speakers is to perfectly integrate the picture and sound behind the screen. Nowadays, the sound transparent screen is the standard configuration of the theater, which can restore the real sound to the greatest extent. The sound behind the projection screen transmits the sound through these small holes, and at the same time, the size of these small holes should not affect the quality of the picture as much as possible, so as to achieve the realm of sound and picture integration. Glass fiber high-definition screen The image restoration of natural reality is the biggest feature of the glass fiber screen. The fabric is a base cloth woven from glass threads, and the surface layer is coated with a PVC material with a special projection effect. Because of the support of the glass fiber base cloth, it does not need to be flattened, and it will be flat when naturally stretched. Its biggest advantage lies in the fact that it can remain straight even under conditions of large temperature differences and climate changes. Due to the effect of the glass fiber backing, the gain and contrast are increased. The white screen is bright in color, and the gray screen can increase the contrast. In the past, the brightness of the projection equipment was sufficient, and the gray screen was used when the contrast was insufficient. At present, most high-definition projection equipment is faithful to real colors, and the new generation of high-definition projection equipment itself has sufficient contrast. Fiberglass screens are widely used in high-end screens. If you want to build a good projection screen for your own home theater, it is indispensable. The three recommended models are suitable for use in the creation of home theater. A good horse with a good saddle, and a suitable projector can make it show a clear and beautiful picture color. It will bring you a very comfortable cinema-level viewing experience, and you can enjoy the shocking picture effects brought to you by the cinema without leaving home.
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