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Don’t miss the movie theaters in May!

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
'Avengers 3: Infinity War' release date: Friday, May 11 'Avengers 3' currently has an IMDb score of 9.2, and the freshness of Rotten Tomatoes is 87%. In South Korea, one of the first countries to be screened, 'Avengers 3' set a record for the pre-sales of Korean films that had been maintained by 'Avengers 2' for three years. Finally waited for you, but fortunately I... Ten years of layout, you and I witness. 'Baahubali 2: The End' Release date: Friday, May 4 'Baahubali 2: The End' is the fourth Indian film introduced this year. The 'Baahubali' series is divided into two parts. , The upper part of 'Baahubali: The Beginning' was introduced to China in 2016. The film tells the story of Baharladwa who used a trick to become a king and killed Baahubali who was originally crowned prince. 25 years later, Baahubali’s son Shiva avenged Balaradevdes. . A prince's revenge under the background of Indian mythology is reminiscent of movies such as Thor, God of War: Eye of Power, and Black Panther. The cost of 'Baahubali 2' is 2.5 billion rupees (approximately 240 million yuan), second only to 'Robot Love 2The box office of the 'Baahubali' series should not be underestimated. The top and bottom two movies ranked second and fourth in the global box office of Indian films, while the local box office ranked first and third. In 2016, the Chinese box office of 'Baahubali: Beginning' stopped at 7.45 million yuan. When it was released, there were very few films, and the original soundtrack was even harder to find. Compared with other popular real-life Indian movies, 'Baahubali: The Beginning' has not attracted much attention, but this is all before 'Wrestling Daddy' in 2017. Can 'Baahubali 2' set off a big wave this time? 'War Dog Rex' Release date: Friday, May 11th, 'Canis Island' is another film that tells a touching story between man and dog. The movie is set in the Iraq War. Kate Mara plays a Marine Corps corporal. She goes to the front with the dog Rex and saves many lives. 'War Dog Rex' is adapted from the real incident of American female soldier Megan Levy and military dog u200bu200bRex. The incident once caused a sensation in the United States and moved countless people. The prototype of Rex is a famous military dog. It has served in three combat units, has the rank of sergeant, inspected more than 6,220 vehicles, participated in anti-terrorism work for more than 11,575 hours, and was finally forced to retire due to health problems. Rex died in 2012 at the age of eleven, and his former owner Mike Dowling wrote a book to commemorate it. The rotten tomato index of this piece is 84%. 'A Quiet Place' Release Date: Friday, May 18th, John Krasinski's main impression of everyone is Jim in 'The Office'. He has directed several comedy films with little response. This time he wrote it from The self-directed 'Quiet Place' is a true dark horse. It has a double harvest at the box office and its opening performance in North America is second only to 'Black Panther' this year. IMDb scored 8.1 and Rotten Tomatoes 95%. A post-apocalyptic story, due to the invasion of alien creatures, human beings are almost wiped out. This creature hunts by sound and can survive only by keeping quiet at all times. The family hid in a secluded abandoned farm. They communicated with sign language and walked barefoot on the white sand to reduce the noise. 'Perfect Stranger' release date: Friday, May 25. Similar to 'The Invisible Guest'Reunion 3'. Three couples, an otaku, and seven good friends got together for dinner. Suddenly they decided to share the content of each text message with each other, and things just got out of hand. 'The Perfect Stranger' is a closed group play movie, which is very similar to 'The Night When the Comet Comes' that was hit a few years ago, so some people call it 'The Night When the Dark Star ComesThere are more elements, not as detailed as 'Comet'. As a low-cost movie, most of the plot of 'Perfect Stranger' takes place on the dining table, supported by acting and lines. The current IMDb score is 7.8 and Rotten Tomatoes is 83%. 'Range Solo: A Star Wars Story' is expected to release date: Friday, May 25 (to be finalized). Han Solo’s personal movie once revealed the news of ethane, but it is still for many Star Wars fans Is the number one expectation. Alden Ellenrich plays the young Han Solo, and we will see how he met his best friend and first mate Chubacca and the gambler Lando. how about it? Is there an idea to live in a movie theater all month? Notice! Notice! The ad is coming! Ads are coming! I heard that movies and screens are more suitable!
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