Dongguan Audiovisual Industry Product Exchange and Training Conference ended successfully-XY Screens

Dongguan 'Audiovisual Industry Product Exchange and Training Conference' ended successfully

by:XY Screens     2021-09-28
With the successful holding of the 'Audio-visual Industry Product Exchange and Training Conference' in Dongguan, Shenzhen AVglobals Global Audio-visual Organization planned and organized and Shenzhen Yinscreen, Shenzhen Saiweitu Company and other companies as exhibitors to participate in the audio-visual industry product exchange and training tour activities It ended successfully. The silver screen was added to AVglobals' first tour. The first tour plan was launched in early August, and the first stop was held at the five-star hotel Kempinski in Huizhou on August 8. Huizhou has the characteristics of broad tolerance, honesty and openness, and its proximity to Shenzhen, a modern metropolis, is a market worthy of attention. The second stop of the tour is located in Dongguan, where the famous audio-visual manufacturers gather. The successful conclusion of the tour at Dongguan Convention International Hotel on August 21 also means that AVglobals' Pan-Pearl River Delta Tour Plan has temporarily come to an end. In Dongguan Convention and Exhibition International Hotel, well-known companies such as 3D movie screens, SaiWeitu, Guangdong Niying Imaging, Zhongying Technology, etc. gathered together, vying for brilliance and providing a splendid audio-visual feast for the exhibitors. The atmosphere was enthusiastic, and the guests and manufacturers interacted constantly, which was impressive. The host’s opening speech The host AVglobals vice president Zhou Jianjun introduced the AVglobals global audio-visual network exchange meeting on-site exchange meeting. The on-site small event attracted everyone’s joy. The atmosphere of the exchange meeting was harmonious, with continuous interaction between the stage and the stage, and the mini games between the venues were even more exciting. Give everyone endless joy. Participants interacted with manufacturers on-siteu200bParticipants interacted with manufacturers on-site. Participants and manufacturers had serious conversations. Each exhibition area attracted exhibitors to stop and experience the audiovisual shock brought by new technology.
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