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Double Eleven, I just want a girlfriend

by:XY Screens     2021-09-20
Looking at it, it is the annual Double Eleven. Now November 11 is not only Singles Day, but also a shopping carnival for the whole people. What I want to say is that for single dogs like us, being addicted to all kinds of spikes on Double Eleven can make you temporarily forget the fact that you are single Cats and Taobao venues, after finishing the Internet speed and hand speed on the battlefield, the excitement of a successful spike can make you feel excited. The next day at work, everyone talked about the results, and even what they bought and how much cheaper they were. You have to check your mobile phone and check the shopping cart to find out. All in all, Singles’ Day has been diluted, but if you don’t buy anything, I can guarantee that you will always remember that today is your holiday, that kind of sadness in your heart, no, miserable with others. The carnival forms a strong contrast. Staying up late for a limited amount of spikes, what you buy in the final analysis is a need to relieve loneliness. To be more blunt, when you click to add to the shopping cart and choose to buy, buy, buy, you get the satisfaction of grabbing your baby. On Double Eleven, you might as well buy a girlfriend if you are single. Of course, I still have requirements for my girlfriend. For example, I want her skin to be smooth, as slippery as a shelled egg, and it feels good to the touch. You know, it's better to have a stronger performance and have pleasure. It's not a pretend acting or bragging, but the kind of ability that can really make me feel pleasure. The most important thing is that you must be fashionable and fashionable again, and you will have a face when you look at it. Others will look envious when you look at it. It is better to have a smaller and exquisite figure, which is easier to control. Do you think I am high? I seem to have heard others say and finally understand why I have been single for so many years. I searched the Internet before Double Eleven, and I did find an artifact. With him, I don’t need to worry about my girlfriend anymore. It is the ultra-narrow framed screen created by Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Company. I find this screen is convenient, save you time, and can really feel the pleasure it brings to you. The appearance is light and thin, and the simple line design is stylish and beautiful. Anyway, with it, you just wait for the girls to look for you, hahaha. In addition, after I buy it now, I really give it to my girlfriend.
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