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Dreaming poor

by:XY Screens     2021-09-24
Every day at 11 o'clock in the morning, there will be a dazzling car passing through New York City's Central Park. In the car, besides the driver, there is also an owner-a millionaire who no one knows.   The millionaire discovered: Every morning, a man in rags sits on a bench in the park and stares at the hotel where he lives. One day, the millionaire became very interested in this man. He asked the driver to stop the car and walk in front of the man and said, 'Excuse me, I don’t understand why you stare at the hotel where I live every morning. '  'Sir,' the poor man said, 'I have no money, no home, no house, so I have to sleep on this bench, but every night I dream of staying in that hotel.'   Millionaire thinks very much. Interesting, so he said to the man: 'I will let you get what you want tonight. I will book you the best room in the hotel and pay for one month.'    A few days later, the millionaire passed by the hotel where the poor lived. Suite, I want to ask him by the way if he feels satisfied. However, he found that the man had moved out of the hotel and returned to the bench in the park. When the millionaire came to the park and asked the poor why they did this, the poor man replied: 'Once I sleep on a stool, I dream of me sleeping in that luxurious hotel. It’s amazing; once I sleep in the hotel Here, I dreamed that I was back on the icy stool again. This dream was so terrible that it completely affected my sleep!”    Suffering from gains and losses is the most important thing. Don’t let unfounded imagination destroy everything that is beautiful. Don't live by something beautiful that doesn't exist. Regardless of the reality, positively facing everything you have is the best choice.
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