Easy to master the common sense of household projection screen purchase Household projection screen

[Easy to master the common sense of household projection screen purchase] Household projection screen purchase common sense

by:XY Screens     2021-11-05
In order to improve the enjoyment of entertainment life, many people have begun to set up private home theaters to enjoy the cinema-like experience at home. When it comes to cinema, the first thing most friends think of is the projector product, which is of course no problem. But if you want to achieve the best display effect of the projection screen, you must not do without a good projection screen. So do you know how to choose a more suitable projection screen? do not know? It doesn't matter, today I will give you a little suggestion, you can use it as a reference when you buy.
The width of the viewing angle of the projection screen cannot be ignored. Choose the most suitable according to your needs, but try to choose a screen with a larger viewing angle.
Due to the width of the viewing angle of the projection screen, it directly affects the brightness of the screen viewed from various angles. If the viewing angle of the screen is small, the viewer can only clearly see the content played by the projector directly in front of the screen. , And once it deviates from the position of the screen, it will appear that the image cannot be seen clearly. On the contrary, the user's viewing angle can be more flexible. Therefore, when the user selects the screen, try to choose a screen with a slightly larger viewing angle when conditions permit, so as to avoid the situation that one person cannot see the content due to the deviation of the position of the screen when multiple people watch the movie together.
For home screens, try to choose low gain or no gain, which saves costs and achieves the best results.
The higher the screen gain, the stronger the light projected by the projector on the screen, and the brighter the projection screen will feel. In this way, the projected picture will be seen clearly on the screen. But not all occasions are suitable for choosing high-gain screens, such as home places. If the home user chooses a high-gain screen, it is not good for human eyes, and it will also waste cost.
Because first of all, ordinary users do not have high requirements for the brightness of the screen when watching large movies. The most important thing is to show the depth and details of the movie. The higher the brightness, the less this effect will be achieved. Moreover, home users themselves have very low requirements on the brightness of the projector, and there is no need to increase the brightness of the screen through the screen; secondly, if the gain of the projection screen is higher, its price will be higher, which will cause serious waste of resources. . In addition, the most important point is that if people watch high-brightness images for a long time, their eyes are easy to sore, and they may even cause myopia, which is particularly harmful to the eyes. Therefore, users should pay special attention when choosing home projection screens, not to choose high-gain screens.
Finally, I would like to remind my friends that when you choose a home projection screen, you can consider buying a white plastic screen, a glass bead screen or a gray screen.
First, the white plastic screen: it can display the best image, text and data effect when the surrounding lighting is adjustable. The optical fiber is evenly scattered and projected to each display area, the colors are natural and vivid, the brightness is 1-1.5 times gain, and the viewing angle is 50°. The effect is very good when the ambient light (including the reflection of the wall and the ceiling, etc.) is controllable.
Glass bead curtain: Five layers of special materials are used for special effect bonding. The glass beads (glass powder) are evenly distributed on the display area of u200bu200bthe curtain surface, which increases the reflection brightness, and the text, image and data are bright and delicate, and the brightness is up to 2- The gain is 2.5 times, the viewing angle is 30°, but the increase in brightness will lose a certain amount of contrast.
Gray screen: Often referred to as a 'high contrast screenThe white on the screen can still remain white, while the black becomes darker due to the reduction of ambient light interference, which directly causes the gap between black and white contrast on the screen to increase, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the contrast. Gray screen is the current home market The mainstream curtain.
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