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Edge fusion technology for seamless splicing

by:XY Screens     2021-09-15
With the continuous progress of society and the rapid development of science and technology, the image impression of super-large images and ultra-high-definition resolution continues to impact everyone's eyes, giving people a complete and real visual enjoyment. So people gradually realize that a single display device can no longer meet people's needs for some large-scale outdoor displays and some large-scale image simulation displays. At the same time, it also requires our technology to innovate in display size, resolution, and display brightness. The seamless splicing edge fusion technology constantly creates new skills and new equipment in everyone’s needs, which deal with the problems of screen size, resolution, and display brightness limitations that everyone is concerned about. However, one of the biggest questions that has always existed in the splicing industry is All large-screen splicing systems have a physical seam between the display unit and the display unit. For this reason, LCD, DLP, DID and other splicing manufacturers have started a skill and seam rally. Through years of continuous research and development, the display unit The splicing seams have also developed from a few centimeters to a few millimeters today. Each sharp reduction in seams has brought a qualitative leap to the development of the large-screen industry, but the splicing unit has been unable to complete the true 'seamless' splicing. However, with the emergence of projectors and the birth of edge blending machines, 'seamless splicing' has truly entered the 'seamless' era. The edge blending technology is based on the splicing principle and uses pixel superimposition technology to allow different display units to be truly blended. As a whole, the brightness of the superimposed area of u200bu200bthe picture is adjusted according to the optical principle, and the complete fusion of the superimposed display units is finally completed. This is the most basic principle of the edge fusion technology, and it is also the core of the edge fusion technology. Technology. The function of the edge blending machine is gradually improved. The current edge blending machine can not only be used to handle the 'seamless splicing' between multiple display units, but also can be used to adjust the curved surface of the picture display, adjust the color of the picture, and add more The problem of input and output of various signal sources and multi-channel signal sources has become an indispensable core display component in the field of large-screen display. The increase in demand has led to the rapid development of the edge integration industry. In this process, some unfair competition, shoddy goods, and the proliferation of fake goods have also emerged. Remind consumers that the edge integration project is a highly professional industry product in the field of system integration. Mature products require not only strong product research and development capabilities, but also strong technical after-sales support as a guarantee to ensure the overall large-screen display system The normal operation of the system is not disturbed. Therefore, when choosing an edge fusion machine, you must not only choose a product with good cost performance, but also a professional company (Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd.) with a good reputation, many cases and complete solutions.
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