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Edge fusion technology is widely used in multiple industry fields

by:XY Screens     2021-08-18
1. Application background introduction: The multi-channel projection image fusion project is aimed at high-resolution, large field of view, and multi-curved surface application environments. It has formed a technical integration project integrating PC clusters, projection engineering, image splicing, and image fusion, serving public security, Application places such as border defense, traffic command, flood control, electric power, telecommunications, training centers, command centers, conferences, and theaters. A. MeidaView video file fusion;   B. WindowWall desktop application (operating system fusion);   2, Digital Image Fusion Digital Image Fusion is a data fusion technology with images as the main research content, which combines multiple different modes The process of combining multiple images of the same scene obtained by the image sensor or multiple images of the same scene obtained by the same sensor at different times into one image. Digital image fusion is an important technology of image analysis, which has important applications in the fields of digital map splicing, panoramic images, virtual reality, scientific visualization, command center, large-screen presentation, and digital cinema. Three-channel digital image fusion: for high-quality, high-demand, high-resolution image graphics signals to achieve truly seamless splicing of projection pictures, forming a huge seamless splicing picture with a resolution of 3072*768, and can perform geometric correction on the image , Automatic color correction, edge fusion processing, forming a seamless, continuous, uniform brightness and color overall picture; beneficial to large graphics images (such as 1920*1080 high-resolution video signals, wide-format 2048*768 high-resolution electronic maps Signal, giant three-dimensional integrated visual signal); it is also helpful to compensate for the errors (such as brightness, chromaticity, color temperature, geometric distortion, etc.) between the display projectors, and adjust the errors between them to be consistent. The entire large display screen displays an integrated, seamless, and huge image screen with no color difference. Windows can be opened arbitrarily, and a certain window can be zoomed in and out at will. The signal source can be multi-channel computer VGA/DVI, AV, etc., can be provided by a PC cluster, or can be provided by a multi-screen card, VGA matrix or AV matrix.
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