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Edge Fusion Technology of Projection Screen Part 2

by:XY Screens     2021-09-03
3.2 The vertical stacking of multiple projectors produces vertical display images. This special arrangement of creativity has gradually been appreciated by people, and is usually used in the advertising industry or on-site demonstrations with special requirements. 3.3 Multiple projectors accumulate a larger and wider picture. When customers propose more image signal source processing and larger field of view display requirements, they can also accumulate a higher and wider picture through the integration of multiple projectors , This kind of application is usually in the monitoring center and command center. In the overall capital ratio of the large-screen projection system, the screen may only occupy a small part, but it is very important for the effect of the entire system. If the projection screen is not selected properly, it is equivalent to the entire system. The bottleneck, no matter how good the performance of other equipment in the system is, the overall visual effect will be suppressed, and the perfect performance of the system cannot be fully expressed. In the previous projection system, due to technical limitations, the brightness of the projector could not be very high, so in order to increase the projection brightness, a relatively high gain rate is generally required for the screen, but this will affect the contrast and color fineness. Nowadays, the development of projection technology is very rapid, and the brightness of the projector is no longer a problem. Therefore, in the requirements of the projection screen, the gain rate is placed at a lower position, and the flatness of the screen, the viewing angle contrast and the uniformity are mainly considered. In this application, choose a screen with a gain of 1.0 (+/-0.5) to get a better imaging effect. The reason is that the larger the gain of the screen, the smaller the viewing angle of the screen. If the viewer is not in the middle of the screen, it is easy to see the fusion part of the screen, so that the overall image uniformity appears poor.
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