Education is the core of the projection screen market-meeting the high needs of users is the key-XY

Education is the core of the projection screen market-meeting the high needs of users is the key

by:XY Screens     2021-09-02
'Educators gain the world' Since projection enters the Chinese market, the education industry has always occupied the dominant position in the projection market. It can be said that many friends contact the projection system (projector + projection screen) first from the educational institution. The system entered the domestic market and was the first to be used in the education field. Subsequently, in the process of the country's implementation of educational reforms, the realization of the requirements of audio-visual and digital classrooms also did not intend to provide convenient conditions for the expansion of the projection market. The procurement of projection systems at a time has become an indispensable link for universities, even primary and secondary schools. Educational procurement and government procurement are still the main markets for projector sales, accounting for more than half of the sales of the entire projector market.      Due to the huge gap in the education market and driven by interests, projectors and projection screen manufacturers are rushing to grab this huge cake. This also allows us to see that in the past two years, various projection manufacturers have been fighting fiercely in the education market! In recent years, almost every order in the procurement from higher education, general education, vocational education and other industries has won a bloodshed. Since the market is in a cruel competitive situation, since the national functional department launched the 'tens of billions' education project in 2004, the low profits of the projection industry have been daunting. Therefore, we often hear from some channel merchants that “the industry list is getting harder and harder to make. Today’s education industry is no longer the education industry it was five years ago, but the competition for this “big industry” has It has never been stagnant.   So what are the characteristics of the education industry market now? A senior Epson said, “The current education industry’s procurement of projection systems has become more concentrated, and higher requirements have been placed on various manufacturers.” It can be said The word 'concentration' has become a popular feature nowadays.   So what does 'concentration' mean? The so-called concentration is mainly reflected in three aspects: The first is the concentration of procurement methods. There are fewer and more qualified schools. The second is that the brand is becoming more and more concentrated, and some advantageous brands have been favored by the education industry for a long time, which makes it difficult for some new brands to penetrate. The third is that the demand is becoming more and more concentrated, that is, high Configuration, one-time purchase in place.   The procurement of educational projection systems is becoming more and more concentrated, which makes projectors and projection screen suppliers have a weakening voice in the dialogue with purchasing units. The education industry with lower and lower price requirements and slower payment cycles Users, the profit contribution in the overall sales is getting smaller and smaller, and its larger purchase batch can only bring impulse advantages to the channel. Therefore, we expect that this year's educational projector system purchase wave may still be a few common mainstream Brands are playing games. As for who can lead the crowd in this more centralized projection procurement, then it shows a strong comprehensive power. According to a large number of surveys and interviews, in choosing high-definition technology projection screens, educate users to choose comparison The concentrated brands are: Meishi, Hongye, Jingke, etc.;
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