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Education stimulates the projection market in 2012, whose turf will be

by:XY Screens     2021-09-02
2011 is the second year of the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan for China’s Educational Planning.' develop. Science and technology are advancing and the times are developing, and China's education has entered a new stage of reform and development. The core element of national capacity is talent. Educational equipment work has an irreplaceable important position and role in personnel training. The 'Outline' pointed out that the process of informatization of education should be accelerated, the informatization of education should be incorporated into the overall strategy of national informatization development, and the education information network should be deployed in advance. Make full use of high-quality resources and advanced technology, innovate operating mechanisms and management models, and cultivate modern high-tech talents. It can be seen that 'new educational equipmentAnd development direction.   Nowadays, more and more colleges and universities have begun to start digital campus systems and carry out education informationization. Blackboard teaching can no longer meet the needs of students to receive information in the new era, so multimedia classrooms have been fully supplemented. With the advent of the age of technology, multimedia applications allow students and teachers to connect with the new era at the first time. School-to-school and class-to-class communication are a comprehensive and effective use of learning resources. The demand for educational equipment in schools has become more obvious. One of the equipment in educational equipment we have to elaborate on is the projector. Projectors are also called projectors. At present, projection technology is changing with each passing day. With the development of science and technology, the projection industry has also developed into a supreme field. Mainly through the 3MLCOSRGB three-color projector and 720P film decoding technology, the traditional huge projector is refined, portable, miniaturized, entertained, and practical, making the projection technology closer to life, education and entertainment. Education reform has undoubtedly reshuffled the projection industry. More and more colleges and universities have brought a broad market to the projection industry, and teaching applications are not comparable to commercial and home applications. It needs more classroom applications. , Which needs to be distinguished from market-oriented commodities. Therefore, the education market has once again become the main battlefield of domestic projection companies, so the competition in the education market has become a focus of fierce battles among projection manufacturers. 'Education and government procurement are still the markets with the largest demand for projectors, and the fight between brands will be extremely fierce. Compared with business, education pays more attention to cost performance and product characteristics. From projectors to electronic whiteboards, they will become the education market. In order to fully meet the needs of modern classroom teaching, major projection manufacturers are actively developing conventional application products in the education industry, and at the same time, combining the needs of innovative applications, they have carefully designed and developed a series of educational projections using leading technology. Computer products. One by one to improve the traditional classroom teaching mode, to promote education informatization and education modernization. At present, the education equipment market is still the big cake of the projector market. With the further deepening of the interactive teaching reform, short-focus projection and electronic whiteboard products are available Concerned by the education market, market demand continues to grow. Especially the short-focus series products, because they can project a large screen of 80 inches within 1 meter, they are more suitable for use in small classrooms, small meeting rooms and other environments with stricter space requirements; At the same time, due to its short imaging distance, it can effectively prevent the speaker from obstructing the projection screen; and the shorter projection distance also ensures the effective use of the output brightness, and will not cause brightness loss due to too long distance. In 2011, it was 'Twelve In the second year of the 'Outline of the Five-Year Plan for Education in ChinaEducation informatization is the comprehensive and in-depth use of information technology in the field of education, the development and utilization of educational resources, the promotion of technological innovation, knowledge innovation and the sharing of innovation results, the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of education and teaching, and the promotion of the historical process of educational reform and development. Education informatization It is an important symbol of education modernization. It has become a strategic requirement for the development of education in China to drive education modernization with education informatization. The vigorous development and demand of the market provide good opportunities for the education projection market. With the continuous addition of new manufacturers , The major projector companies are bound to start a fierce battle. What follows is naturally the transformation and subdivision of the industry. No matter how the market changes and layout, the purpose is to help the orderly and good development of education. The education market has a huge space. , Let the projection allude to the colorful classroom, let the knowledge fly happily.
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