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Efforts to create a 3D teaching experience room in colleges and universities

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
Since 2009, James Cameron's 'Avatar' with 3DIMAX technology swept the global film market and won the world's box office championship, triggering a huge reform of the film industry, setting off a wave of 3D movie watching upsurge. So, how does the 3D effect appear? The so-called 3D effect is to superimpose two images to produce a three-dimensional effect. When the audience wears three-dimensional glasses to watch, they will feel like they are on the scene. A university in Shandong established a 3D teaching experience laboratory in the school library. Due to the large space of the laboratory, in order to achieve the best experience effect, it is necessary to achieve a 3D projection effect of 7*2.5 meters on the curved wall. The projection product requires not only 3D effects but also seamless splicing of multiple images, and education and teaching are different from ordinary movie theaters. The requirements for image clarity and resolution are very high. In the end, Snowhite uses 4-channel projection Integrate the perfect 3D solution. In view of the high-definition requirements of education and teaching, the company uses 4 5000 lumens Epson projectors for ceiling-mounted front projection, which not only ensures the brightness and clarity of the picture, but also prevents the audience from affecting the projection light when watching the movie. We divided the two projectors into a group and mounted it up and down, and used Snowhite fusion to make a 3D fusion of overlapping images, and then hoisted the two groups of projectors left and right, and seamlessly spliced u200bu200band merged the two sets of images, and finally achieved 7* The 2.5-meter large 3D viewing screen. In this scheme, there are both 3D stereo and seamless integration of multiple images, which requires very high performance of the fusion system, and the installation and commissioning of the whole set of equipment is particularly delicate and professional. No matter which link has faults, it will not be possible. Achieve high-definition smooth projection effect. Since the light in the entire laboratory is relatively bright, we recommend the use of SNOWHITE curved metal 3D hard screen. The surface of the SNOWHITE fusion hard screen is a high-gain metal coating, which has good physical and mechanical properties and is equipped with high-tech that can absorb ambient light. The coating can provide clear images even in bright environments, and the uniformity of the screen reaches 98%, without obvious solar effects. The entire image has the same color and brightness, and the picture is fresh and natural. At the same time, SNOWHITE is specially equipped with a high-performance engineering computer host, which not only ensures the smooth operation of the entire software system, but also facilitates the connection of external teaching equipment such as audio to realize the multi-functional application of the entire teaching laboratory. In short, Snowhite will use its own professionalism and technology to comply with market requirements and provide customers with screen-based solutions. The company focuses on the development, production and sales of dome theater system integration, 3D theater system integration, 360-degree ring screen projection, holographic projection, interactive dome screen, and large-screen fusion system.
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