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Elegant and atmospheric laser TV upstart-Seemile C3

by:XY Screens     2021-08-11
Entering 2017, as an excellent solution for large-screen display in living room theaters, laser TV has been favored by more and more audio-visual enthusiasts who want to build large-screen audio-visual entertainment systems in the living room. At the same time, as the technology continues to mature, We have seen the emergence of distinctive new laser TV products this year, including this upstart C3 full HD laser TV launched by the domestic brand Shimeile, which has strong research and development capabilities. In addition to its dazzling golden design, C3 is unique in terms of picture color and details. Compared with Simeile’s early laser TVs, it has greater picture brightness, color reproduction capabilities, and dynamic transitions. Upgrade, and the Android smart system is built into the body, which can be transformed into a large-screen smart tablet, allowing users to perform a variety of audio-visual entertainment, including watching movies, watching TV shows, listening to music, and even playing games. It is hard to feel the hard work that Simeile has put into this new laser TV work. Li Weisheng, Executive Editor-in-Chief of 'Home Theater Technology' Magazine Recently, our 'Home Theater Technology' and AV China came to B01-1, Budding 1968 Creative Industry Park, No. 804, Tianyuan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City. The Simeile Laser TV Living Room Theater Experience Hall conducted a short-distance contact with the C3 model, and conducted a professional evaluation of various technical indicators of the system. In order to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the fuselage, so that the C3 can remain stable during long-term operation, large-area openings are used on both sides of the fuselage for heat dissipation. You can see that it is equipped with two USB ports on the back of the fuselage, one of which is USB3. .0 standard, in addition to the input interface of network, analog audio and composite video, the shape of the local gold is certainly attractive, and more importantly, the SLPD light source used inside is immediately attracted by its golden gold shape as soon as it touches the C3. , The overall edge adopts a streamlined design, plus a non-bloated posture, which is quite in line with the aesthetics of the Chinese people, and is particularly coordinated with the decoration of the Chinese-style living room. At the same time, in order to ensure the stability of long-term playback, there are large areas on both sides of the fuselage. The cooling holes are equipped with intelligent fan cooling system. Through intelligent ambient light sensing technology and automatic air pressure detection technology, the core temperature is monitored in real time, and the fan speed is controlled to allow the projector to work at a suitable temperature and maintain low operating noise. It is worth mentioning that in the design of the fuselage, the convenience of connecting other signal sources and the safety of use are especially considered. C3 does not put the two HDMI ports on the back of the fuselage, but on the side of the fuselage. The shape of the Tyrant Gold is certainly very attractive, but the SLPD logo on the top of the fuselage is even more eye-catching. As Simele’s highlight in 2017, C3, in addition to continuing to use the mature full-height single-chip DLP solution in the display chip, also uses an upgraded version of the SLPD laser light source in the light source part, making the brightness output reach 3,600 lumens. Compared with previous models, it has better resistance to ambient light. Simele’s SLPD laser light source uses a blue laser array to release a blue light beam of sufficient intensity, which then passes through the fluorescent color wheel to generate red and blue light, which ultimately constitute the most important three primary colors of the picture. In terms of color reproduction, thanks to the 7200 rpm fluorescent glass color wheel, it is not difficult to find that C3 has excellent control over color accuracy during actual viewing, especially in terms of skin tone reproduction. Early models. In addition, the projection screen is equipped with a 100-inch anti-light curtain with a thin frame design. Although the gain is only 0.8, it has a unique optical structure and has satisfactory light resistance. It can be used in an open living room environment on site. , It can still reproduce enough rich colors and the transition of dark parts. As long as you connect to the Internet, you can use the Android smart system in the fuselage to perform a variety of audio-visual entertainment activities, including watching movies, chasing TV series, etc. One of the advantages of C3 in terms of screen color is the purity of red, green and blue. Higher, which makes the picture color tend to be bright and eye-catching, which is very eye-catching. The built-in intelligent operating system and network functions allow users to freely enjoy various audio-visual entertainment experiences. Compared with traditional home theater projection systems, laser TVs, in addition to ultra-short focus and In addition to the laser light source, rich intelligent audio-visual entertainment functions are also an important aspect. C3 has a 4-core processing chip with excellent performance in terms of configuration, and supports 1080p or even 4K streaming media program playback. When playing multiple 4K-level test clips on the spot, it is found that the picture is smooth and natural without any instability. In addition, through a wired or wireless network, you can watch movies, listen to music, play games, etc. on its built-in Android smart operating system. Therefore, C3 has become a smart tablet with a large screen, allowing every member of the family to be able to Experience the splendor of the 100-inch large-screen audio-visual entertainment and build a happy family. Summary Through actual tests and observations, it can be said that C3 is undoubtedly a mature laser TV new work. The color style of the picture is more vivid and eye-catching than many domestic brands of the same type, and the average sharpness of the picture has reached Satisfactory degree, basically watching from the distance of the general living room environment, it is difficult to notice the sharpness difference between the center and the edge of the picture, plus the reflective imaging characteristics of the projection screen, which is different from the flat-panel TV, and it is difficult to watch movies for a long time. You will feel eye fatigue, which is very comfortable. For the future, the author hopes that Simele can bring better picture accuracy and larger size top-of-the-line 4K HDR laser TVs to domestic audio-visual enthusiasts to meet the critical viewing needs of a large living room environment. Reference price: 39800 yuan (with 100-inch anti-light curtain)
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