Elite Screens screen non-electric transmission and Rear material projection screen technology introd

[Elite Screens screen non-electric transmission and Rear material] projection screen technology introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-11-10
As an innovative company, Elite Screens Co., Ltd. specializes in providing high-quality projection screens. Here we will introduce two special screen materials of Elite Screens: AcousticPro and CineWhite-Perforated non-electrically transparent projection screen materials. And the phantom veil rear projection screen material. AcousticPro is a textile material, CineWhite-Perforated is made of micro-perforated (3mm) polyvinyl chloride. The phantom veil is used for fixed hanger projection screens under well-lit conditions.
The small holes in the material of the non-electrical sound transmission clear and transparent projection screen are like filters to allow sound waves to pass through. The new AcousticPro and CineWhite-Perforated can maximize the penetration of sound, while also controlling the size and frequency of the sound velocity channel. The channel is small enough to allow sound to pass through while reducing moiré, a kind of visible artificial passing through the digital emission pixels that overlap the holes on the perforated projection screen.

AcousticPro material
The size of AcousticPro woven material ranges from 72 inches to 180 inches, and the size of CineWhite-Perforated PVC ranges from 84 to 106.

CineWhite-Perforate material
As more and more demonstrations are now carried out in well-lit houses, the use of Rear projection screen materials is more common. Elite's dream veil can present an excellent picture effect, which is superior to the traditional front projection arrangement in terms of lighting functions, and can provide 2.2 gain demonstration in various light environments.
Elite's dream veil rear projection screen is very suitable for commercial performances, conferences, schools and outdoor event presentations. Its special surface can enhance the color reproduction and black contrast level, make the image brighter and improve the visibility. The size of Rear can be up to 200 inches with a screen aspect ratio of 4:3 and 16:9, and is used in a fixed frame.
  Pricing, practicality
Elite Screens’ AcousticPro material is used in its VMAX2, Home2, Home3, CineTension2 and CineTension3 retractable projection screens, starting at $799. CineWhite-Perforated materials are used in its Elite’s EZ-Frame and Elite Prime Vision fixed-frame projection screens, starting at US$899.
The dream veil projection screen material used for the Elite quick-folding model has become very common, and the fixed frame material will be developed in the future.
About Elite Screens Co., Ltd.
Elite Screens is a limited liability company established in California, which specializes in providing high-quality commercial and home theater projection screens. Elite Screens Europe Co., Ltd. and China Co., Ltd. serve the European and Asian markets respectively, while Elite Screens Ru0026D Co., Ltd. is responsible for the Ru0026D functions of all its global companies. Our factories in China and Taiwan can produce electric or manual roll-up and fixed hanger projection screens of various types, sizes, specifications and materials. Products are sold globally through authorized distributors, resellers, retailers, and system synthesizers.
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