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Embedded smart home solutions are quietly emerging

by:XY Screens     2021-09-12
Mother’s Day has just ended. Compared with many friends who have returned home for the holiday, home has once again experienced the warmth of home. As the most important place in people’s hearts, home plays an irreplaceable role in people’s lives. In order to be able to bring home To improve, no amount of suffering and tiredness is nothing, and a comfortable and beautiful home environment can also relax people's tight nerves and bring a pleasant mood.  When the development of science and technology is cited by people on the road of people-oriented, smart home has undoubtedly become the most suitable part that can be integrated with life. In today's society, with the ever-improving quality of life and the accelerating pace of life, people's work and life are becoming increasingly informatized. The information society has changed people's lifestyles and work habits, making the intelligentization of home systems a consumer demand, and smart home systems have been paid more and more attention. Therefore, it has become a hot research topic in recent years to integrate various communication equipment, household appliances, and home security devices in the home through the home control system, and carry out remote control and management. So far, there has not been a universally agreed and unified definition of smart home. Generally, smart home systems use advanced computer and network communication technologies to organically combine various subsystems related to home life through specific networks, and through scientific management, make home life more comfortable, effective, safer and more efficient. Energy saving. Make the family intelligent, make intelligent art, make art energy-saving, and make energy-saving popularized. With residential as a platform, it combines architecture, network communications, information appliances, equipment automation, and integrates system, structure, service, management, and control into one high-efficiency , Comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment. Smart home includes smart lighting, electric curtains, background music, security alarm, building intercom, remote control, etc. Traditional home intelligent control systems are generally built by wired methods, such as coaxial cable, USB, CAN bus and so on. However, wired networks have inherent shortcomings such as troublesome wiring and poor scalability, which limit the development of wired network technology in smart home systems. Therefore, based on the Internet of Things, it has become a general trend to apply wireless network technology to home networks. This is not only because the wireless network has greater flexibility and mobility, eliminating the trouble of wiring, and more importantly, it conforms to the communication characteristics of the home control network. The wireless home network condenses the vast space of people's life and work into the distance that can be controlled by human hands. With the widespread use of embedded systems in the Internet of Things, the smart home control system intelligently controls the household appliances and lighting in the house, and realizes home safety precautions, and combines with other systems to provide residents with a warm, comfortable, safe and energy-saving, The advanced and noble home environment allows residents to fully enjoy the convenience and excitement brought to life by modern technology.
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