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Employee PK-the person in struggle

by:XY Screens     2021-09-19
Hu Liping, the captain of the Snow Leopard team, set a goal from the first day of training and must take the first place! It is reported that as the captain of the Snow Leopard team, Hu Liping was busy until one or two o'clock in the morning in order to cut the team song; for innovation (to add points to the team), she taught herself the 'Grateful Heart' sign language after work, and taught her team members step by step during training. ; In order to unify the clothes, order under pressure. In the beginning, some players didn't understand that much. They didn't understand why they had to rehearse so hard and why they had to make themselves so tired after get off work. Slowly, they saw the dedication and patience of the captain, saw the firm goal of the team, and saw... They begin to feel that they have no reason not to cooperate, no reason not to work hard with their teammates, fight together, and win the championship... There is always reward for their efforts. Congratulations, achieve their goals, and defeat the other four equally good teams. , Win the championship! The team champion (Snow Leopard Team) 'To' pursues you thousands of miles away, you are quietly there, elegant, calm, quiet, and a bit mysterious. I want to touch you, but I am afraid of awakening you, so I can only love silently. For you, don’t be afraid of you here, there is nothing wrong with you, you give us the strength of hard work, the morale of unity, the cohesion of love, and hope that we will always be together... The picture shows Zhang Yan (individual champion) and Professor Liu ( Consultant) Group photo
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