Enthusiasm to create a beautiful horizon, continue to explore new applications of projection-XY Scre

Enthusiasm to create a beautiful horizon, continue to explore new applications of projection

by:XY Screens     2021-08-27
After 15 years of development, the Chinese projector market has formed a special and changing market structure. The rapid decline in product prices and the development of functionality and individualization have created a huge space for the development of projectors. In 2012, the task before every projector manufacturer is to use existing resources to expand market share. In fact, the vendors' existing channels, products, and external resources are very limited. Let us open our minds and discuss the topic of projector product application and market development momentum. There is a very interesting phenomenon in the companies operating projector products. Almost every senior salesperson has a special feeling for projectors. Whether in exhibitions, shopping malls, schools, entertainment venues, as long as you see the projector, you will have a very cordial feeling. Most of them will go to the front end to look at the brand, judge the effect of the projection, etc. . This may be the charm of the projector. It is worth noting that this feeling is not only manifested in the sales staff's preference for projectors, but more importantly, it allows them to maintain their passion for the projection industry. The motivation of passion creation is unlimited, it can make people's thinking become smart. Although the projector itself is an ordinary presentation device, the content she displays is gorgeous and colorful. For business meetings, she shows tranquility; for life and entertainment, she shows enchanting; when used in grand scenes, she shows shock...The projector is indeed a passionate product. If we take our thoughts further, in fact, hidden behind the passion is the market growth space of the projection industry. Facing the market, the projector industry needs to remain passionate and explore and seek new applications in different fields of products. At present, many new application cases appearing in the market have inspired us: for example, in the design of projection systems, using large screens to express 'dynamic road signs' from multiple signal sources. On both sides of the street, we have become accustomed to ordinary row advertising light boxes. However, the dynamic light box built with the large-screen projection system is very novel as a new carrier of advertising, and this design has become a reality. The well-known World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan; World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China; the splendid effects brought by the projection system need not be repeated. Not only is the product application market in need of further expansion, the application concept is also developing. As a special product, the projector can not only complete the function of meeting presentations, but also take advantage of its large screen and support for multiple playback sources to give full play to the advantages and functions of the projection product. The projector can bring us visual satisfaction and relieve the pressure of stressful life. In this sense, the boundary between the business market and the consumer market is no longer strict. The development of application concepts is also a driving force for market demand. It is not easy for the public to change the usage habits of a product. For example, in the home market that projector manufacturers dream of, the application of projector products is relatively complicated. In fact, the projector is completely different from other home audio-visual products. If the projector is regarded as a high-end television, it will cause a conflict of habits. For example: the life of the lamp of the projector; most of the products do not have a TV signal receiving device; shut down heat dissipation; other daily maintenance and so on. Changing people’s inherent product usage habits, in other words, is to guide home users’ awareness and correctly understand the application of projectors, positioning them in the home as: high-end visual enjoyment; large-screen display effects; real home cinemas. Think of the projector as a brand-new concept home display product. At the same time, the reduction in product prices has also created conditions for us to tap the application space of projector products. A few years ago, the price of projectors remained high, and people often spent tens of thousands of yuan to purchase projectors. Today, mainstream projector products The price is already 3,000-5,000 yuan, which is equivalent to that of a notebook computer, and the price bottleneck has disappeared. But the current situation is: potential user groups are not actively or timely aware of this. So, is it a new driving force for the development of the projector market to touch a large group of potential users to use projector products? The answer is of course yes. Staying passionate, keeping up with the development of the times, tapping market potential and new applications of projector products, in fact, has become the theme of the development of the projection industry after 2012.
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