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epson 1770w lcd projector overheating? repair it!

by:XY Screens     2019-12-26
I try another way to write Instructure again.
I took pictures of each step in order and generated a GIF, which obviously takes a while to load, so if you don\'t see the GIF above, then give it some time or take a look at the steps below.
Introduction, we have Epson 1770w 1280x800 LCD projector at work.
At 150 hours, both projectors began to show problems with the 3 fans that provided airflow to the bulb.
Since the bulb is rated for 4000 hours, our limited total use time does not justify sending these projectors to recyclers.
So I am absolutely not afraid of destroying more than I am now.
I am studying in the first one and teaching you in the second one.
This projector can only run for about 30 minutes until the heat is turned off.
First of all, I know you can get cheaper fans elsewhere, but I want to give you a stable supplier without dealing with eBay.
I want to keep it repeatable, right? Magefirm.
Although they are in China, they are relatively fast in transportation.
Think about 2 weeks, not 2 days.
All three fans can order for around $87.
If you follow the animated GIF, you will see what needs to be removed along with the order.
Tools needed to disassemble.
Well, let\'s break it down slowly and methodically.
Security briefing.
It is only turned on when the projector is unplugged and cooled to the touch.
Do not try to disassemble on the hot projector.
Do not touch the surface of the bulb or any lens. Oil on the skin can damage the bulbs and lenses, causing irreparable damage.
Do not touch the area where the power cord is connected to 110, and some may not unplug the projector first.
To remove the bulb, a screw with an arrow is shown in the first picture.
Remove the indicated screws, gently slide the lid along the direction of the arrow shown, gently squeeze the wire holder, and rotate it up and out.
Gently lift the bulb from the socket using the pull label and place it on the lid.
Now the bulb cover has been removed.
The next step is to remove the five screws indicated with the black arrow.
Then remove the indicated 3 small screws from the indicated back plate and place them separately because they are smaller than the rest of the housing screws.
Flip the projector and remove the 10 screws indicated to keep the screws on the kick stand independent as it is also different in length from other screws.
Gently lift the air filter and make sure it is clean by blowing the air filter.
Any dust or dirt should blow freely out of the foam.
Be careful to align the projector again, because the top and bottom may be separated and damage the ribbon cable if you are not careful.
Remove the protective cover from the port where the WiFi USB adapter may be located.
If there is an adapter, please delete it immediately. (
Not my projector)
Gently lift the back of the case and it should easily begin to separate.
The next step.
There are 2 cables connecting the top and bottom.
The first one is the blue ribbon cable on the left and the second one is the black cable on the front.
The ribbon cable will be released from the motherboard by gently sliding forward the holder.
The black cable is just a JST style connection and is easy to pull apart.
You can now completely remove the clam shell above and put it aside.
The first thing that needs to be done to remove the first blower is to be careful to remove the indicated zip tie.
If you clip any of the wires, you will have a bad time. Un-
Because of the lack of better words, put the thin plastic fixed \"clip\" away.
Remove the 2 screws shown in the second picture and remove the grill from the front of the blower.
The bulb cover is disconnected with a third screw.
If you use a thin No. 1 Phillips screwdriver, you should be able to loosen the screw to lift the bracket that holds the back of the blower.
Lift the bracket gently, but do not remove the bracket completely and slide the blower from the front of the projector.
Now, when you trace the wire back to its connector, the hair dryer is free to unlock from the stay of the wire.
Installation of the blower is a direct reversal of the disassembly instructions.
And reinstall the 3 screws that fix the blower in it.
Remove the two black screws fixed in the top blower fan.
The rear is screwed in through the fan, the front is the nozzle holder, and when assembled, the airflow can be directed directly to the bulb.
I found it easiest to fold the fan back to unused areas before replacing the next one.
The second fan motor is fixed in the bracket along the right side with two stainless steel colored screws.
Remove these screws and gently shake the top edge of the fan to you.
The fan should rotate out of the housing and let you gently remove the wire from the bracket.
Loosen the side blower and connect the replaced fan.
Route along the same path as removing and roll the fan back into the housing.
Remove 2 stainless steel screws to fix it.
Now Unlock the reserved bulb blower and insert the replacement fan.
Install the nozzle holder on the front of the fan and put it back in the position where two fixed black screws are installed.
What\'s left now is to add half and test it.
Because there is more slack on the two black harnesses, reconnect it first.
Then make sure to release the indicated Ribbon holder and insert the blue ribbon cable.
You may need a pair of tweezers to fix the cable if you have big hands.
I like to test the repair before full recovery.
Plug the bulb into the socket.
Connect the power cord.
Press the safety cut off switch and press the power button.
If the projector is on, you will know that you are nothing bad.
Gently touch the fan housing of the rear and side fans to make sure they are running and feel the airflow from the front to verify that the large exhaust fans are running.
Power off the projector and disconnect the power cord.
Remove the battery from the socket again, ready to press all the batteries back button.
Insert 5 screws into the specified hole.
Replace the WiFi cover with 3 small rear panel screws.
Flip it and insert the 9 bottom screws and a small screw in the front kick frame.
Insert the air filter into its slot.
Flip the projector to the right and insert it into the bulb.
Install the bulb fixing device to install the bulb cover.
Power it up to watch a movie to make sure it doesn\'t go into a hot shutdown and relax.
Of course, this is a lot of pictures, but thank you for your influence on me.
At this point, pat yourself on the back as you save $1000 by just fixing the projector instead of replacing it.
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