epson announces powerlite 680 for smart - ultra short-throw presentation display compatible with sma

epson announces powerlite 680 for smart - ultra short-throw presentation display compatible with smart board interactive whiteb

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Epson Announces Launch of PowerLite 680 smartphoneUltra Short-
Throw presentation display compatible with smart board interactive whiteboard specially designed for new presentation display working with smart board M680 and 880 interactive whiteboard for best resultsin-
ToK-classroom learning technology
Classroom 12 newswirecong Beach, California
Long Beach, California, May 16, 2017
, May 16, 2017/PRNewswire /--
Epson, number-
A seller projector brand worldwide announced today to continue working with smart Technologies Inc.
Use the smart motherboard to bring amazing image quality to the classroom with Epson®Epson 80 and 880 interactive whiteboard with Epson PowerLite launch®Ultra-short 680-
Smart Display of throw demo.
This presentation shows seamless integration with the smart extension control panel (ECP)^1.
Designed for smart circuit boards®Epson inter80 and 880 interactive whiteboard®PowerLite 680 for SMART provides seamless integration with features such as SMART extended control panel and wireless content sharing for easy-to-
K-using and collaborating technologies-12 classrooms.
Epson 3 LCD projector color brightness than competitors™2 3 times higher.
The PowerLite 680 smart demo display uses Epson\'s proprietary 3LCD technology to provide bright, clear images.
It can also reduce glare and shadow interference, and has a variety of connection functions to meet the needs of a variety of classrooms.
Veronika Knight, projector product manager, Epson USA, said: \"Epson and SMART continue their long-term partnership to bring the best collaborative learning solutions to the classroom . \"
\"Epson\'s PowerLite 680 forSMART is designed specifically for use with smart boards®The M680 and 880 interactive whiteboards make use of the superior brightness of the display to provide an immersive experience for educators and students.
\"SMART\'s new PowerLite 680 offers 3,500 lumens in color and white brightness for incredible images even in the welllit classrooms.
Provide local XGA solutions and 77-
PowerLite 680\'s Smart Display is inches in size, providing better readability in large, vivid, and simple classroomsto-seeimages.
Powered by Smart Notebook software, smart motherboard®Interactive whiteboard support by achieving real multiple
Student cooperation and small
\"Group learning,\" said Tom Ferrari, director of smart technology channel.
\"The new Epson PowerLite 680 for SMART offers our customers the option to maintain an integrated intelligent interactive whiteboard system with enhanced display performance.
\"PowerLite 680 for SMART is ideal for the BYOD classroom, which offers wireless features that help students learn and collaborate wherever they sit.
The smart PowerLite 680 enables lecturers to share content between large screens and wireless connected mobile devices for personalized learning.
Students can participate in the discussion wirelessly by displaying content from Chromebooks, PCs, and Mac®Computers equipped with Epson iProjection wireless display solution 4, as well as iOS and Androiddevices.
When used with Epson Multi-monitor, up to 50 users can connect to the presentation at the same time
PC Projection, plus master equipment management software ^ 5.
The host software displays up to four student content at the same time, and is the perfect tool for displaying a variety of content or comparing student workby-side.
Teachers can also connect to the access point and share their monitors with the class without adding more cables.
PowerLite 10,000 forSMART with up to 680 hours of lamp life in ECO Mode ^ 6 is a fullin-one worry-
Free classroom display
Epson PowerLite 680 for SMART also offers additional networking features that allow schools to manage up to 1,024 Epson network monitors using EasyMP®RoomView Monitorsoftware or quick Sicong ^®.
Also, use the message broadcast plugin-
In EasyMP Monitor, schools can send updates or announcements to up to 1,024 Epson network monitors.
Epson\'s new PowerLite 680 for SMARTThe PowerLite 680 provides advanced quality, flexibility and performance for smart classroom collaboration, with features including: oCompatible-designed for smart board M680 and 880 interactive whiteboards-connect and control the display via smart extension control panel (ECP)
1 o ultra short-
Throwing demo display-provides almost no higher color brightness 2 with shadow interference oUp to 3 times, reliable performance-3 LCD, 3-
3 times HDMI connection supported by chip technology®Support multiple high
Define A/V devices using MHL ^®Support [, ]
Ensure flexible layout and quick and easy setup enhance classroom collaboration-wireless display solutions allow teachers to control the display of personal devices, and encourage students to participate in the display of high-quality images-high brightness and 3 LCD technology to create the light to see colorful images even in the well
Light up the room-Life, Low-
Cost light-lasts up to 10,000 hours in ECO Mode ^ 6, including $49 replacement light or expression pack management-easy network connectivity with software with built-in opowerfull Sound
In 16 w speakers and microphone inputs, or with external speakers, powerful sounds can be made even in standby mode, making each student a leader in innovation and collaboration®This is a unique sales and support program, especially for schools.
Brighter Futures is designed to help educators choose and implement the best products for their classrooms while making the most of their budget by offering a special offer for a total of three years, extended Epson limited warranty coverage, dedicated education account manager
Free technical support for all Epson projectors and related accessories.
Epson PowerLite 680 smart specifications color white product resolution display MSRP price brightness 3 PowerLite 680 3500 lumens XGA 77 inch from $1, epson\'s advanced presentation display and projector technology has designed a bright collaborative learning environment for Epson educational products.
Compatible with a wide range of devices-
Epson demo displays use interactive software, and teachers can easily share content to attract students wherever they sit in the classroom.
Epsonsunmatch\'s technology, service and support ensure educators are confident in high quality, bright images and multimedia during the days of class.
PowerLite 680 for SMART will be available on June through nationalresellers, pro audio-visual distributors, mail order, distribution, Epson.
Bright Futures plan.
There are two Epson PowerLite demo displays
Limited warranty (
Bright Futures customers for three years)
Including two elite technical support services-Epson Co. , Ltd. ®Direct access to phonesupport, which quickly supports telephone lines, and a Road Service replacement plan that includes product exchange within one working day of paid transportation.
For more information, please visit. epson. com/education.
About EpsonEpson is a global technology leader dedicated to connecting people, things and information with original, efficient, compact and precise technologies.
From inkjet printers and digital printing systems to 3 LCD projectors, smart glasses, sensing systems and industrial robots, the company is focused on driving innovation and surpassing customer expectations in inkjet, visual communications, wearable devices and robots.
Led by Japan
Epson Group, headquartered in Seiko Epson, consists of more than 72,000 employees from 88 companies around the world, and is proud of its continued efforts to contribute to its community and reduce environmental impact.
Epson USA Limited
Headquartered in Long Beach, California.
It is Epson\'s regional headquarters in the United States. S.
Canada and Latin America.
To learn more about epson, visit: epson. com.
You can also contact Epson USA on facebook (facebook. com/Epson), Twitter (twitter.
Com/EpsonAmerica), YouTube(youtube.
And Instagram (instagram.
^ 1 existing SMART Board M680 and 880 installation SMART CableAdapter kits that need to be sold separately.
2 Color Brightness (
Color light output)
In the brightest mode, use the third-
According to the regulations of IDMS 15, the party\'s laboratory. 4.
The color brightness changes according to the conditions of use. Top-
Versustop-selling Epson 3 LCD projectorsselling 1-
Chip DLP projectors based on sales data from PMA Research in December.
2015 to November. 2016.
3 Color Brightness (
Color light output)
White brightness (
White light output)
Will vary depending on the conditions of use.
Color light output is measured according to IDMS 15. 4;
White light output measured according to iso 21118.
^ 4 for wireless features, including via the Epson iProjection application, the projector must be configured on the network via the Ethernet port on the projector (
Check if model specifications are available)
Or via wireless connection.
Please check your owner\'s manual to determine if the wireless LAN module must be purchased separately to enable the wireless connection.
Not all epsonprojects are connected to the Internet.
All files and formats are not supported by the Epson iproinjection application. See www. epson. Details.
The monthly moderator is characterized by EasyMP.
PC Projection software.
The normal mode can last up to 5,000 hours.
Depending on the selected mode, environmental conditions and usage, the life of the lamp will vary.
Light brightness reduction timeout.
7 includes a mobile High
Define link®(MHL)HDMI port.
Note: Epson, EasyMP and registered trademark PowerLite, Epson over YourVision is a registered company of SeikoEpson logomark and Epson iProjection as trademarks.
Bright Futures is a registered trademark of EpsonAmerica, Inc.
Mac is a trademark of Apple.
Registered in the United StatesS.
Other countries.
Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc. , a trademark for Android and Chromebookare.
All other product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Epson denies any and all rights in these trademarks.
Epson USA Limited
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