Epson appeared at the Chongqing Educational Equipment Exhibition, and products such as patented dome

Epson appeared at the Chongqing Educational Equipment Exhibition, and products such as patented dome and anti-light screen helped brand-new solutions.

by:XY Screens     2021-08-27
From October 23rd to 25th, 2020, the 78th China Educational Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened at the Chongqing International Expo Center, China. Famous domestic and foreign educational equipment manufacturers gathered in Chongqing to participate in the grand event. As a leading company in visual imaging, Epson brought a number of innovative projection solutions in the education field and smart solutions for scanning and printing to the exhibition, bringing new ideas and vitality to the development of future education. The company's products are displayed in cooperation throughout the entire process. The dual-teacher teaching solution uses technology to promote new attempts in education and teaching. Affected by the epidemic, Internet + education has truly entered the daily lives of teachers and students. However, online learning requires a high level of ability to screen and identify teaching resources. At the same time, the lack of real-time supervision by teachers and parents makes it difficult to guarantee the quality and efficiency of teaching. This requires schools to make adjustments quickly to truly extend Internet + education to students. Plan introduction Epson and the silver screen company jointly promote smart education and launch a dual-teacher teaching solution. This program is composed of laser ultra-short throw projector CB-735F + 120-inch black grid anti-light curtain + dual-teacher teaching equipment*1. The program, in conjunction with online teaching and cloud learning platforms, provides teachers and students with more vivid remote classrooms. It is one of the specific forms of Internet + education and an important means to comprehensively improve teaching efficiency and quality. It is worth mentioning that the Epson laser ultra-short throw projector CB-735F can easily achieve a 120-inch large screen projection, which truly restores the teaching scene of the remote teacher. At the same time, it cooperates with cinema-grade black grid anti-light curtain, anti-ambient light, and large viewing angle. Brings a better display effect, so that students participating in distance learning are like being in a local classroom, and can easily see the teacher's expression and the details of the blackboard, and provide a better classroom experience for everyone visually. The emergence of Epson's dome scientific experience solution, the emergence of dome projection, breaks through the limitations of conventional flat projections. The use of dome projection in teaching allows students to immerse themselves in the three-dimensional space to explore the mystery of knowledge, and deepen their knowledge of astronomy, geography and other disciplines. The impression of learning inspires students’ interest in science. Program introduction The Epson dome scientific experience solution exhibited this time is composed of 5 CB-L1050U full HD projectors and the patented product 3m negative pressure pumping balloon screen + dome fusion system*1. This solution changes the singleness and low interaction of traditional model teaching aids, adds new ideas to teacher-student interactive teaching, significantly improves the teaching effect, and makes teaching easier. At the same time, the immersive on-site experience effect and the visual experience like traveling through time and space also made the dome-screen scientific experience solution the focus of the audience. Immersive teaching solutions play and learn to bring new learning experience. In the process of education reform, there are many key points and difficulties, and improving the interest of teaching is the top priority. Interesting teaching at the stage of quality education is of far-reaching significance for students' in-depth study and improvement of literacy in the future. Program introduction At this China Educational Equipment Exhibition, Epson's immersive teaching solution, combined with image fusion and interactive sensing system*1, received great attention from exhibitors. The solution consists of 4 Epson CB-L1755U NL full HD laser projectors with 15000 lumens*2*3 high brightness. Built-in fusion function and multi-screen projection system can accurately seamlessly merge multiple images into a larger image. You can also use the automatic scale adjustment function for easier multi-screen projection. The immersive teaching solution realizes the integration of functions such as pictures, sound effects, and dynamic presentations, and builds a deep teaching model for teachers, students and fields. This also further expands the application scenarios of multimedia teaching, allowing students to help students from imagination knowledge to perceptual knowledge. Improve students' creative ability. The following solutions were also displayed at the exhibition site, bringing many novel experiences to the field of educational equipment: ●Smart file scanning, management and CD storage solutions, ●Epson ink cartridge ®L15158 color digital copier, ●Smart glasses BT-300 and other products.
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