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epson encourages projector customers to give feedback

by:XY Screens     2019-12-14
The owner of the Epson 3 LCD projector has a chance to win the Epson LW-
The 900 label printer only needs to give feedback to the digital imaging leader.
\"Epson has been the world\'s number one for 13 consecutive years.
One projector brand in the world.
\"This remarkable achievement is possible because we listen to our customers, understand their requirements, and then create products that exceed their expectations,\" Donna V said . \".
Epson, head of Epson Marcom & PR, Philippines.
\"Even in the Philippines, Epson is now number one, which makes us very proud.
Brand 1 projector.
As a technology company that believes in continuous improvement and innovation, we take this opportunity to invite all Epson projector owners to give us feedback.
All our customers need to do is visit our website (www. epson. com.
\"Tell us what they think about Epson projectors and provide their details to give them the opportunity to win the Epson label printer,\" Ferro added . \".
Users of Epson projectors can go to the company\'s website to rate the projectors they use and share their experience with the products.
5 participants were randomly selected (“Sweepstakes”)
As the winner, each winner will receive an Epson LW-
900 Labelworks printer.
The sweepstakes are open to anyone in the Philippines who owns or uses an Epson 3 LCD projector, whether at home or at work.
Ownership and usage of the projector should be verified by the participant submitting the product serial number.
The serial number of each product can only be submitted once.
Epson\'s 3 LCD projector has an excellent color brightness of more than 1-1
A chip DLP projector of a similar range.
The color brightness of the projector is usually measured with \"lumens.
Color light output (
Or color brightness)
When the white light output is white brightness, it is the measurement of the color brightness.
Many projector manufacturers offer only one brightness number-
White brightness measurement.
\"Customers should note that projectors with high white brightness may have low color brightness.
In some cases, the color brightness of the projector can only be 1/3 of the rated specification (lumens)provided.
When the brightness of the color is low, the color looks dim and dark, the skin color will not reproduce well, and the important details will be lost, \"Ferro clarified.
Because each time a projector is used, the color is a key component-used for presentations, movies, and games-for customers, before buying, it is important to ask them to pay attention to the color light output or color lumen of the projector.
\"Epson projectors provide light output and white light output of the same color.
This is one of the reasons why Epson has been the preferred projector around the world for 13 years in a row, \"Filo added.
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