epson just unveiled a 130-inch ‘screen-free’ laser tv that launches this fall for $3,000-XY Screens

epson just unveiled a 130-inch ‘screen-free’ laser tv that launches this fall for $3,000

by:XY Screens     2020-02-16
The home projector market may be much larger than you think, with Epson far ahead of the market, with a 53% market share in the US.
The company offers a good mix
Projector with high quality and reasonable price
But the latter is today\'s focus. Epson’s just-
Lsedhome Cinema LS100 Laser Display is a new ultra-short
Throw the projector like you have never seen before.
It is able to project up to 130 inch of the display screen diagonally to the wall or screen at a very close distance.
More importantly, Epson says if you use a good high
Using the LS100 to reject the high quality ambient light of the projector screen, the image quality is actually difficult to distinguish from the standard LCD TV.
Don\'t miss out: we don\'t know why Amazon\'s latest Alexa device is still free, but we don\'t complain that it\'s important compared to LCD TVs because the price of the home theater LS100 Laser Display is $2,999. 99 price tag.
However, $3,000 is nothing compared to LCD TV. A decent 75-
Inch TV can cost you between $2,500 and $2,800, it\'s not bad when you consider $75
Inch TV display is about 33% over 65-
Inch panel because the size is measured diagonally.
Then, if you want to go to more than 75 inch, you can pay anything between $4,000 and $10,000.
With this in mind, 3,000 of $130-
The inch screen doesn\'t look so bad.
For those curious, a 130-
Inch screen 300% larger than 65inch display.
You can see how they compare in the chart above.
This is obviously a huge difference.
More importantly, the home theater LS100 Laser Display is a projector, so you can adjust the screen to whatever size you want, whether it\'s 55 inch, 75 inch, 95 inch or whatever.
In terms of numbers, the LS100 is indeed an impressive projector.
The brightness is 4,000 lumens, which means it will be very obvious even if the light is turned on.
Yes, you don\'t need to put this projector in the dark basement to make a good picture.
It also has an impressive contrast of 2,500,000: 1, so the black is surprisingly deep for the projector. The lamp-
The free laser means this projector will last about 30,000 hours of viewing time.
So if you spend 4 hours a day watching TV, it will last for 20 years.
Moment of Epson-on and instant-
Off tech also eliminates the need to wait for the projector to warm up when you turn it on or cool down after you finish watching the projector.
The three HDMI ports allow you to connect to any and all devices, including cable or satellite channels, Apple TV, fire-fighting TV, Rokus and chrome-plated devices.
Epson\'s newHome Cinema LS100 Laser display will be on display at atCEDIA Expo 2017 this week and will be sold for $2,999 this fall.
99 from Amazon and other retailers.
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