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Epson launches a new wireless HD 3D home projector

by:XY Screens     2021-08-27
A few days ago, Epson launched a wireless high-definition home projector. The biggest feature of Epson's wireless HD home projector EH-TW6515C/TW8515C is that it is equipped with a wirelessHD function. With the help of a wireless HD transmitter, the wireless transmission of high-definition movies is completed without any loss of picture quality. The wireless HD transmitter equipped with TW6515C/TW8515C is extremely small and has 5 HDMI input interfaces, one pass-through output, and one digital audio output. Users can connect 5 channels of signals to the wireless HD transmitter at the same time, select the input source through the remote control, no need to plug and unplug the cable, so that the troublesome HDMI cable is separated from the projector and other equipment, and the projector transmits through this The device can also restore high-definition movies on the screen perfectly, allowing users to easily enjoy the wonderful life brought by wireless high-definition. At the moment, people's demand for 3D images has exploded. Many device manufacturers have introduced various 3D devices to cater to users' needs for 3D. However, the immaturity of technology makes the user experience not so perfect. Especially the brightness problem during 3D movie playback has not been solved for a long time. When the projector is playing 3D movies, the brightness will drop significantly. This result will reduce the picture quality a lot and affect the user’s 3D experience. To solve this problem, Epson TW6515C/TW8515C is equipped with Epson’s new 3D driver and optimized 480hz LCD The two technical advantages of the driven optical engine and the new lamp drive have effectively improved the brightness of the projector during 3D playback, which can be said to be a qualitative leap for users who like 3D. In addition, the built-in 2D to 3D function of the projector can convert 2D film sources into 3D for projection in the projector, which solves the problem of less 3D film sources and allows users to enjoy the 3D visual shock at all times, creating a 'perfect' 3D theater experience'. Epson’s two high-definition home projectors are built to meet the different needs and conditions of users. For example, EH-TW6515C is very suitable for users who like high-definition home theater but don’t like troublesome. It has 2300 lumens. Brightness, and has horizontal and vertical keystone correction, you can easily and quickly correct the screen picture, and the configuration of dual 10W speakers saves the trouble of buying and connecting external speakers, and realizes the dream of theater easily. The EH-TW8515C is more suitable for users who need high-definition home theater and have concerns about projector installation. It has a brightness of 2400 lumens, a 2.1x wide-angle lens and a lens shift function, so the placement of the projector will be very Flexible, without any impact on the picture quality, to meet the needs of mid-to-high-end users in theaters.
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