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Epson launches high-end engineering machine CB-G6800 for folding angle projection

by:XY Screens     2021-08-27
Epson's high-end engineering machine CB-G6800 has a maximum brightness of 7000 lumens. Even in lecture halls, large conference rooms and auditoriums, Epson engineering projectors can project high-quality images. Epson high-end engineering machine CB-G6800 features: 7000 lumens color brightness, can project large screen resolution XGA, presents high-definition images, built-in geometric correction function and multi-screen splicing system, large screen splicing projection, new LCD panel design, passive 3D projection High light efficiency and high image quality, using Epson original crystal HD technology, high reliability, using Epson original inorganic LCD panel, easy to install, with a variety of optional lenses, 360-degree flexible installation of folding angle projection function, curved surface correction function, three-chip LCD projection technology, 3LCD technology Achieve excellent image quality with smooth color conversion and smooth color conversion to make the projected image clearer and more dazzling. DICOM SIM mode DICOM SIM mode can clearly restore medical images with deeper shadows (such as X-ray digital images and other medical images) for use in medical teaching environments. This projector is not a medical device and cannot be used in daily diagnosis. Automatic iris Ultra-high-precision automatic iris control system can achieve a high contrast ratio of 5000:1. The system can detect the inherent brightness level of each scene and automatically adjust the light output to the optimal level. Therefore, even for scenes with fast switching between light and dark, the projector can be adjusted instantaneously to ensure deep black and accurate color reproduction. The automatic iris optimizes the light output instantly by moving the upper and lower shutters, achieving crystal-clear highlight and deep black image quality projection. Epson Crystal HD technology, which was previously only used in high-end home theater projectors, Epson’s unique crystal HD technology, is now used in high-end engineering projectors. Crystal HD technology uses inorganic liquid crystal panels with vertical orientation (VA) technology to ensure higher contrast and high-quality smooth images. The DCDi Cinema chip projects smooth and lifelike moving images through precise I/P conversion and image detail scaling. Easy installation, quick adjustment of lens movement, vertical lens movement (up and down) up to 57%, and horizontal lens movement (left and right) up to 30%, making it easier to adjust the projection image. Users also have more flexible choices regarding the location of the projector and screen. The 360-degree flexible installation of the projector can realize 360-degree rotating projection, and the projector can be installed through the angle to cope with different projection angles, so that the projection can be applied to various places. Long lamp life and easy replacement. The projector is equipped with a long-life lamp of 2000 hours (standard mode). Replacing the lamp is quick and easy, no tools are required, and there is no need to remove the projector from the ceiling. The filter has a long life, and it is convenient to replace the long-life filter with a replacement cycle of up to 10,000 hours. The air inlet for inhaling cold air is equipped with a large-area high-density pleated filter to absorb dust in the air and prevent it from entering the projector. When you need to replace the filter, you only need to remove the side cover, and the operation is very simple. A variety of lenses are available, and the use of simple replacement bayonet firmware makes lens installation very simple. In addition to the standard lens, it is also equipped with another 5 kinds of lenses to choose from, so that the projector can handle long or short projection distances as required. The new short-focus lens has a projection ratio of only 0.65,1.33 meters and can project a 100-inch (4:3) picture. The projector is equipped with a lens lock. After adjusting the position of the lens shift, the lens can be locked to avoid the situation of shifting again after the lens is adjusted. The four-screen split projection can be connected to 32 computers in the local area network at the same time, allowing the display content of four computers to be projected on the screen at the same time, and the image switching can be controlled by each computer connected to the local area network. Folding angle projection can be adjusted by the built-in system to project a regular and clear image on the angled wall (the projection can be adjusted on the wall folded in or out).
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